4 Ways 
can help You Increase Traffic!

1. Increase "Walk-In" Traffic to Your Shop
Increase Store traffic by 30%
using Offers Near You
Businesses & retailers can now target people within 2km of your store and drive them to visit your store using Streetdirectory App.

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2. Increase Online Traffic with SEO
Increase Traffic with Streetdirectory Premium listings & SEO services 
Over 2,000 Streetdirectory.com category pages are optimised in the first 2 pages of Google. This means businesses gets traffic from Streetdirectory.com & Google. 
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3. Retain Traffic with The Right Website
80% of visitors closes a website within the first 3 secs! 
We built professional websites that are easy to use & mobile friendly. This means you retain your clients when they land on your website. especially those on mobile devices.   

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4. Increase Direct Traffic with Email
Reach out to over 1.3milion Streetdirectory (opt-in) registered uses.
Email marketing (when used correctly) is the most potent and effective way to get clients and improve sales quickly!
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