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Early diagnosis and specialized activities can make a big difference to the life of a person with autism. Autism Recovery Network protect and give additional support of persons with autism.
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This social group is designed for children who need additional support in developing social skills. The goal is to aid children in becoming socially skilled and to acquire ability to respond to the social environment in a manner that promotes positive interpersonal relationships. Stories, games, crafts, songs and videos are used to teach and enhance social skills including social referencing, listening, asking questions, responding to questions, joining a group, conversational skills and play are taught.

Social Thinking Class

This program, ground on Michelle Winner’s Social Thinking, targets at children who are higher functioning with an ability to engage in more explicit meta‐cognitive learning (thinking about thinking) and with a core objective to help them better learn and understand social knowledge and social responses. Key to the treatment is Michelle’s “Four Steps of Perspective Taking”, “Four Steps of Communication” and the ILAUGH model.


School‐Time is a therapeutic school preparatory program for children who possess sitting tolerance, waiting skills and no disruptive behaviors. In a small group of 6, these groups are geared to help children catch up with their typically‐developing peers with a goal of integration with peers in general education classrooms through picking up prerequisite classroom and academic skills. Upon screening and assessment, enrolled students are assigned into one of the following three classes for best interaction and learning opportunities:

Little Apprentices

This is for early learners who are at introductory level in the intervention process. Program focuses on teaching learning readiness skills, exploring toys and engaging in parallel play.

Early Achievers

For intermediate learners are children who demonstrate various language and learning skills yet continues to require the development of additional learner skills such as classroom routines, group instructions, self‐help activities and natural environmental teaching.

Young Victors

For advanced learners whose need encompass advanced language and social skills (i.e. Perspective taking skills, advance conversational skills,) and the qualities to bridge skill acquisition into novel experiences (i.e. grooming activities, community training).

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