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Inspired by the stock exchange, Beer Market is the perfect blend of food, music and sports whereby drinks prices move up and down according to demand, creating an exciting atmosphere and interactive experience. Get ready for bull runs and market crashes

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BEER IN STOCK-MARKET CONCEPT Beer market is inspired by the stock exchange. It is the perfect blend of food, music and sports. Whereby drinks prices move according to demand, somehow like share price move on demand. It is a creating an exciting atmosphere and interactive experience. To get the best deals look for market correction it means product are selling on lower price. If you are lucky you can drink more and pay less. Price of beer change every 30min interval that is the most exciting part of it. Operating hours: Fri to Sat: 6pm till 3am Sun to Thu: 6pm till 2am
Beermarket is akin to other bars or pubs that serve beer, alcoholic drinks and some light snacks. But what makes it totally unique is like just a trade market; beermarket has LCD televisions planted all over the pub for the live telecast of the beer prices. Assuming at 10.45pm, the price of beer is $3.40, this is what you pay. But if the price decreases to $3 at 11pm, that’s all you have to pay as well. Interesting concept and I absolutely love this special touch to a pub. Be sure to come down on weekends when they have live brand playing all your favorite music.
First time here with friends and its a fun experience! With different kinds of beer from all over the world and buying it is like betting on real stock market. Great Concept! Nice place to chill on a Friday night with your friends :)
Looking for some place with reasonable priced booze? Try your luck here with the fluctuating beer prices!
A great place to chill and unwind with friends or anyone after a long week. Besides, its cheaper if you go in a group.
If you are planning to go out, try this place at Clarke Quay!
Tonight the more goals scored, the cheaper is your beer during Uefa Euro 2012!
Didn't manage to grab any tickets to DCFC? Join homegrown duo Jack & Rai for a chilled out evening.
Being awesome, people who love beer have invented yet another bo liao, but cool way to sell beer. Introducing the Beer Market, the Wall Street of frothy, malty alcohol. Inspired by the dynamics of stock exchanges, the Beer Market monitors the demand of certain brands, where high demand will drive prices up and low demand will cause them to fall. Every 30 mins, prices will be updated on a LCD screen in the joint, and this would have affect the amount you have to spend on booze!
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