Water Related Diseases Water indeed has important impacts in both diseases and health. Water related diseases definitely include those which are connected to the micro-organisms as well as chemicals on the water which people drink. Diseases like schistosomiases that have a big part of their lifecycle in water and malaria having water-related vectors. Water related diseases can actually prevented if a person knows the things that he needs to consider. By means of ensuring that the clean is always clean and purified, you are guaranteed that you will prevent any water related diseases out there. The water related diseases will be easily eliminated if you are aware of the water that you are using.

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Antioxidant Alkaline Water Dispenser & Purifier
The world first oxygenated antioxidant alkaline water using Natural Bio-Ceramics Filter with U.V. Light with a pH level of 10.1. Wide range of models.
Address : Midview City, #03-143, 28 Sin Ming LaneMidview City, #03-143, 28 Sin Ming LaneSingaporesingapore, 573972
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Tel : 6456 4321
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13% OFF! $130 for Hot/Cold Water Dispenser (Usual $150)
New Arrival: Hot/Warm Water Dispenser from $199; Popular! USA Pure Filtration Water Counter Top Dispenser @ $199; Korean Bio Alkaline Special Promo @ $399. We specialise in water dispenser for home or office use.
Address : HDB Bedok, #01-42, 129 Bedok North Street 2HDB Bedok, #01-42, 129 Bedok North Street 2Singaporesingapore, 460129
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Water Purification Systems for Clean Drinking Water
Global Castle offers a wide range of water purifier system for clean drinking healthy water, be it for home, commercial, office or industrial usage.
Address : Yenom Industrial Building, #06-01, 123 Genting LaneYenom Industrial Building, #06-01, 123 Genting LaneSingaporesingapore, 349574
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High Quality Drinking Water Treatment Devices
Our drinking water systems are widely used throughout the world by: hospitals, major universities and schools and by over 2 million consumers worldwide.
Opening : Daily 9am - 9pm.
Address : Peninsula Plaza, #27-01/02, 111 North Bridge RoadPeninsula Plaza, #27-01/02, 111 North Bridge RoadSingaporesingapore, 179098
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if you are looking for a professional fine wine merchant who offer competitive prices, check Water & Wine! They do have bottled more..
Address : Polar Water Distributor Pte Ltd, Fi..., #02-00, 17 Senoko South RoadPolar Water Distributor Pte Ltd, Field Catering & Supplies (Warehouse), #02-00, 17 Senoko South RoadSingaporesingapore, 758077
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The distributor of Polar Pure Distilled Drinking Water and Polar Natural Mineral Water. Besides water dispenser sale/rental, they also more..
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Address : HDB Whampoa, #01-59, 34 Whampoa WestHDB Whampoa, #01-59, 34 Whampoa WestSingaporesingapore, 330034
Category : Water Related, Water Cooler Distributor, Water Purifier
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Address : Candid Water Cooler Pte Ltd Head Office, Cand..., 5 Woodlands LinkCandid Water Cooler Pte Ltd Head Office, Candid Water Cooler, 5 Woodlands LinkSingaporesingapore, 738721
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Address : D'ray Construction Pte Ltd, 198 Tagore LaneD'ray Construction Pte Ltd, 198 Tagore LaneSingaporesingapore, 787589
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Address : Jumbo Decorations & Supplies, 8 Kim Chuan TerraceJumbo Decorations & Supplies, 8 Kim Chuan TerraceSingaporesingapore, 537031
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