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The chicken rice here has much of its fat removed, and so it doesnt have the usual taste. It still taste good though. The beansprouts were quite nice as well.
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20 Jul 2013 22:11:55
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Chicken House , 255A Upper Thomson Road 574382
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Kilat Court #01-01, 17 Lorong Kilat 598139
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The chicken rice here has much of its fat removed, and so it doesnt have the usual taste. It still taste good though. The beansprouts were quite nice as well.
Chicken is a very common dish in everybody’s meal table, there are so many different method of cooking it. I guess most people will have heard of Kampong chicken, which is quite unlike your typical chicken found in most places. The normal chicken is usually injected with hormones, to make them grow faster for commercial purposes. Most people thinks that it isn’t that healthy if the chickens are injected.
For full experience write up & photos, please visit my blog: http://aspirant1981.wordpress.com/2012/03/07/food-lean-mean-chicks-that-does-workout-kampong-chicken-rice-singapore/ or follow me on twitter for food reviews: https://twitter.com/Aspirant81 Do you love Chicken Rice but often have to give this famous Singaporean Cuisine a miss due to health reasons? The Low Fat, Low Cholesterol Kampong Chicken served at Chicken House may offers you a sly reason to cheat a little. Located along Upper Thomson Road, this restaurant promises its diners Kampong Chicken which consists of mainly fat free lean chicken meat. Why are Kampong Chicken meat low in fat and relatively leaner? That’s because they ‘workout’ alot by running around freely in the kampong unlike their farm cousins who are usually held captived & forced feed to fatten up. The restaurant offers old school dining experience where you and your friends can just sit, eat, pay and get out. Not a comfortable place for hanging out over coffee. Once orders are taken, delivery of the dishes and plates of chicken rice are swift & precise. The fried bean sprouts served were so crunchy and addictive that the plate was swept clean even before the chicken arrive. This plate of innocent looking golden brown fried dou fu hides a secret deep in its core. There are additional fillings within the Tou Fu! Looks like egg and something else. Drop a comment if you know the rest of the fillings. Finally, the main hero of our meal – Our athletic chicken. The chicken skin is yellowish in color which does not really look appetiting to me. The chicken parts are slightly smaller compared to the chickens served at other places. The meat is lean and tough with minimal fats. The accompanying rice has significantly less oil but also weaker flavor compared to other chicken rice vendors. Yes, this is a healthier choice but I still like my chicken voluptuous, tender and with hints of fats. The Kampong Chicken served at Chicken House will generally be well received by ladies and health conscious individuals. But for chicken rice lovers who desires the full taste and flavor of this local culinary delight, this restaurant may not be up to mark. This is a traditional & busy chinese restaurant so I only focus on the food for rating. You can expect minimal ambience and service. You may also like to check out my posts on other delicious food places: http://aspirant1981.wordpress.com/restaurants-cafe-eateries-food-list/ Spending: Approximately SGD 12(Lunch)
The chicken house is a well known shop selling hananise chicken rice located near thomson plaza. We decided to stop by to eat the chicken rice after shopping at thomson plaza. We ordered half a steam chicken as well as rice. The rice is very fragrant but no too oily. The chicken was nice and tender and goes well with the ginger or black soya sauce. Remember to return the wet towel if you don\'t use it as it is chargeable.
the chicken rice at chicken house is really tasty. i went there with my hubby and children and we ordered half a chicken. the steamed chicken was a little oily, but at least their rice is not too oily. i ordered their bean sprout to go along with the chicken rice. their bean sprout is really crunchy, not overcooked. it is not too salty as well. i feel that it went really well with the chicken and the rice, it brought out the fragrance of the rice.
i went to chicken house for their famous kampong chicken. the chicken is really good, very tender but it is a little oliy though. the rice is very fragrant. goes really well with the chicken. one thing i don\'t like about this is the skin, i think this is the major contributor of the oil and fats!
I'm sure almost every Singaporean love this dish- chicken rice. With so many outlets to choose from, which are the really good ones in Singapore?

Personally, I think that the one at Chicken House is the most 'yummy-licious'! Their chicken is healthier in the sense that it is kampung breed and that means their chicken is not so high in cholesterol and fat! The chicken is tender and their rice is not too salty. Interestingly, there is a thin layer of jelly beneath the chicken's skin which can be removed easily. For those who enjoy eating the chicken without its skin, don't worry! The thin layer of jelly can be eaten; nice and chewy..you're good to go!

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Been a regular patron of this specific chicken rice stall for the last 7 years and based on my opinion...this is actually one of the few that can offer the consistent standards and the influx of aroma within their fragrant rice and soothing texture of the chicken.

Do bear in mind that you are highly to be in their queue list should you be dropping by during lunch and dinner time thus any hours apart from the peak would form and translate to a meal that you well deserved less any form of frustrations.

Service has always been prompt and till to date personally, i do not have any complains and their level of cleanliness has always been maintained which can be easily seen upon sitting into the stall. The chicken served are claimed to be "Kampong Chicken" where it refers to chicken that are being rear and farm in the open field where all are free to roam thus contributing to the robust texture! Had a taste of kampong chicken during my trips in Thailand and Malaysia thus i do beg to differ on the actual status on the rearing procedures as offered by Chicken House.

Regardless of all....Chicken House do serve one of the best chicken rice in Singapore and should you be passing by Upper Thomson Road, do not give this stall a miss! Its another must try!

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