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ITACHO means chief chef in Japanese, a title given to the person with the most sublime position in a Japanese restaurant. With his exquisite culinary skills, ITACHO creates food with precious food ingredient to each and every one of his guests. With this same belief, Itacho Sushi only uses seasonal fresh fish and first class ingredients with which chefs can, together with their outstanding culinary skills, instantly prepare handmade fresh sushi when guests order.

Itacho Sushi offers delicious sushi made from seasonal fresh fish such as tuna and first class ingredients which chefs instantly prepare upon order. The restaurant has a fast food setting and is a hit among the younger diners.
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Itacho Sushi offers delicious sushi made from seasonal fresh fish such as tuna and first class ingredients which chefs instantly prepare upon order. The restaurant has a fast food setting and is a hit among the younger diners.
Lunch Menu? I went there for my dinner yesterday. The food was so fresh. Just the way they prepared my favourite IKA sashimi was just so delicious. But sometimes they are under staff.
Itacho Sushi serves a good wide range of sushi! (; I love the steam egg with crab meat!
i like their crab sushi (^_^) ...Oishīi !!! :)
They are not only fresh and delicious. It's affordable too.
This scallop sashimi is to die for. The meat is sweet and fresh till i can find it no where else. Try it and you'll understand what i mean.. You won't regret.
Yummy sushi! Lots to choose from
Got another cute accessory from accessorize! I just love hanging out in the shops because there are alot of good finds and its not expensive:) their shops are located anywhere in singapore. Drop by for some cuties for those who love wearibg accessories like moi!
Was craving for tonkatsu and tried one in Itacho Sushi since im inside Ion mall. I love it! Its not dry, service was good an the quality was ok considering the price that uou paid for. I can go back again for another lovely jap food
The sushi are fresh and yummy!Overall, a good place to satisfy my craving for good sushi
Love sushi? Go to Itacho sushi! This place is sushi heaven!
the most DELICIOUS Japanese food in Singapore.. be prepared for the LONG QUEUE!!! they have few outlets at bugis, ION, plaza singapura, changi T3 and Jcube..
Had lunch over at Itacho on a weekday. There was queue, but wait wasn\'t too long. Firstly, would like to highlight that customer service was a mixed bag. It really depends on who served you, so that ought to be improved on. We ordered the following Sushi~ Salmon with Soy Sauce, Swordfish, Cod Liver with Scallop, Grilled Unagi, Tamago, Yellow Tail (Original, Black Truffle Sauce, Black Truffle Oil), Aburi Fatty Salmon, Aburi Salmon, Grilled Pork, Scallop. The Grilled Unagi Sushi, Aburi Fatty Salmon Sushi and Scallop Sushi were nice. Grilled Unagi Sushi was rich in flavour and tender on the inside. It would be better if it was crisp on the outside. Next, the Scallop Sushi was really sweet and juicy. Finally, the Aburi Fatty Salmon Sushi was the best out of the lot. It was seared just right and the texture and flavour were both very smooth. The Salmon with Soy Sauce Sushi, Tamago Sushi, Grilled Pork, Yellow Tail Sushi were alright but average at best. The Salmon with Soy Sauce Sushi, I\'ve got to admit, was a steal at only $0.40 per piece. The Swordfish sushi was quite a disappointment. At $3.50 per piece, I would have expected something of higher quality, freshness and consistency. Overall, meal was good but not excellent. http://sg.openrice.com/UserPhoto/photopending/0/AX/0025MX2730C92B983DA044c.jpg
As usual, the queue at this place is very long during meal time. Nevertheless, it is worth queuing as the food is delicious. Ordered the unagi don with scambled eggs ($11.90) which I think is kinda value for money as the portion is quite huge. Really full after eating it! Hence, you wanna try a variety of food, do share this with someone. As usual the grilled salmon sushi is on promotion - $0.40 per piece and limited to 2 per pax. Though it tastes as good as before, I feel that the size of the sushi seems to have became smaller.
Ordered a plate of raw sushi. It\'s so yummy and fresh! The hotatae is huge and tasty. The meat is really sweet and succulent. The rice too is very soft and delicious. I ordered their shrimp sushi as well. The translucent skin of the shrimp is so tempting. It is fresh, sweet and succulent upon first bite. I will dip them into the light soya sauce and pinch a little wasabi to taste. Fabulous!
With a new chef recommendation out today, there's up to 50% for the sushi!
Delicious, fresh and affordable Japanese food. The queue here is always very long. The food must be real good! I had itacho live shrimp sushi and california roll. The live shrimp was really fresh, sweet and succulent. It\'s drizzled with mayonnaise sauce, dipped a little soy sauce and wasabi and pop them into your mouth. Simply delightful! The california roll is fresh and delicious as well. Will definitely come back for more!
The Salmon Lobster Salad Roll was very appealing to the eyes and palate as well. Initially attracted by the low price of this offering and the mention of lobster, I decided to order for a trial. When the dish arrived, it doesn’t look as good. However it tasted fine and I proceeded to order one more set for my friend. The lure of this dish is the lobster and not to mention the salmon sashimi. I like the freshness of the salmon. Wrapped in a roll, the lobster salad with fish roe is placed neatly atop the salmon roll. Though the roll was not done very well, or craftily, the taste was not affected at all. Perhaps it could put off the perfectionist who wishes everything to be done, somehow perfectly; it was not an issue for me and my friends. We enjoyed nonetheless. The offerings at Itacho Sushi are a good range and the pricing is awesomely low for a restaurant of this status. I was quite surprised by the low pricings. The queue at the entrance tells another story. Having waited for more than half an hour before it was our turn to take a seat, it surely tells us that this is not a place for impatience people or those in a hurry. Perhaps it is because of the low pricings, that people do not mind queuing up to eat here. The service standard is not too bad either. The restaurant looks very authentically Japanese and it is clean and bright for us to appreciate the good food there. I really need to mention this. Though the food may look cheaper than most Japanese restaurants on an ala-carte basis, the final bill gave me a complete shock. Three of us spent $71.90, including GST and service charge. That is even more expensive than our usual Japanese meals. So that means, though the price may seem cheap, you might order more and it eventually translates to a bigger bill.
This is one of the newer Japaneses Restaurant in Changi Airport T3. It sells upmarket Sushi, Sashimi, Hand Rolls, Tempura Udon, Tonkatsu Don etc. We order a mixed of sushi, noodles and rice bowl to try.I ordered the Tempura Prawn with curry which has nice crunchy prawn coated in batter with mild curry powder for you to dipped your sushi. The Roasted Egg with Lobsteris one of my favourite , you actually get cubes of lobster meat coated in curry sauce stuffed between egg omelette. When you bite into this combination, the egg is soft and the lobster has a nice bit and the curry sauce is not spicy. We also ordered smoked duck sushi and tofu with crab meat sauce. The tofu dish was a bit plain, it has fish roe and crab meat which is better if you bit it together with the tofu.This place sells upmarket Sushi with different type of fish, for example a piece of Roasted Blue Fin Fatty Tuna at $7.50 each. To try assorted sushi, you can get the Natsu Sushi set at $30.90.You can get cheaper sushi such as Spicy Salmon at $1 each.Mum order the Tempura Udon which comes with a bowl of pipping hot udon and a separate plate of Tempura consisting of 2 crispy battered prawns, egg plants and mushroom.The Tonkatsu Don and Grilled Eel with Scrambled Egg is similar except the topping is different. The Tonkatsu has pork cutlet while the latter is Grilled Eel. The dish is tasty but too much sauce topping were added making it too salty even though I eat it with rice.
Did i mentioned this is my all time favourite Japanese restaurant? It is not only affordable but their food are fresh and yummy! I love their crab meat chawanmushi. It is really tasty and smooth. Hotate sushi is really huge and fresh. Salmon sashimi are really fresh too! I also ordered a mini salmon bowl. The portion is really small though! I can finish it in a few mouthful. All in all, food is amazing except that the service is slow! Always a long snake line queue outside!
Since there is a promotion on the grilled salmon sushi at $0.40 each, I decided to give it a try. Simply love it as it melts in your mouth! Though the grilled salmon is slightly oily, I think itis worth the taking calories. . Ordered the Katsu Don as my main course. Generally, it tastes quite good. However, I feel that the chef should be more generous with the eggs.
well this place serves good quality sushi... price was not bad i came along with a friend.. we had sword fish and scallop sashimi... it was really fresh.. mild sweet.. and yummy there were no funny taste with their prawn eggs sushi.. and we loved their lobster salad salmon roll.. it was not only good for appreciation but nice for eating too. totally provides authentic Japanese cuisine
my friend and i had lunch over here.. (introducing 2 of the sushi) we had the crab stick sushi.. its not the usual crabstick.. this type is finer in texture.. we also had the fried prawn with curry and green tea salt.. i find that rather special as i never see such in other place before.. or i would say yet to try.. it was freshly made.. deep fried and served on the spot.. hence you definitely have to try this prawn sushi ;)
Itacho serves one of the best, freshest sushi you can get. You definitely pay for what you get. When I\'m here, I usually order a wide variety of sushi from their many menus, some fresh cut salmon, tuna sushi, their creative mango rolls and their seasonal sushi promotions. And they serve it in one whole go! Their fresh cut sushis are incredibly fresh and delicious. For something different from the ordinary sushi, there is a wide range of "creative" sushi to choose from. I\'m a big fan of their lobster salad mango rolls because I have not tasted any mango based sushi! Lunch time crowds tend to mob the restaurant and you usually have to queue to get it.
another time at this place for sushi... some of their sushi are really cheap .. i love their sushi as it is really fresh and authentic.. we had a few flamed sushi.. those salmon and tuna.. really melts in your mouth upon consumption~ its quite big as well one of the last thing i had was their long and big sea eel sushi.. yum~!
this is the best and cheap japanese sushi i ever had in singapore i love their sushi very much~ their rice really authentic and fresh~ grilled ones from meat to fish.. yummy! i also had this beef curry udon~ the beef was tender~ and the curry was nice really worth your money~
Imagine ION Orchard, as you walk down the pathway to Wheelock place, I\'m sure you must have seen the long line that streams out from Itacho Sushi restaurant, and oh boy, that queue is never ending - up till closing time. I was wondering what was so great about that place, so decided to give it a try. I waited for about 1 and a half hours, so I was pretty famished by the time I finally got my seat (recommend families to go earlier). We ordered their special discounted sushi dishes of the day, which was all super yummy and worth the price! Also had their salmon sushi, unagi sushi, avocado and shrimp sushi, and just so many others, it\'s kind of hard to remember! I just know I left the restaurant with complete satisfaction, with a renewed sense of what awesome sushi should taste like.
Itacho has been my favorite Japanese restaurant ever since i have tried once at Hong Kong and once at Ion Orchard. Was here again meeting my friends for lunch. Again has ordered their premium set to share among my friends as they having promotion for their set meal. The sashimi and sushi were all really fresh. I loved the sushi that was wrapped with mango slices and avocado slices. It tasted really refreshing and fresh! We have ordered their freshly grinded wasabi which tasted really nice and different from the wasabi i had before. It went really well with the sashimi! Oiishi!
Visited Itacho Sushi @ Bugis Junction! This HK based sushi restaurant serves up fresh, delectable sushi!!! Green tea is free if you spend above $20.First off, Yellowfin tuna sashimi: 3 slices of FRESH, AWESOME, thick tuna sashimi.I don’t know what they do to their roasted eggs, but TAMAGO is DAMN awesome. Right mix of fluffy, eggy goodness.And perhaps my favourite order for the day. I’m at a loss of words for this Lobster & Mango Salad Roll, presented under their Creative sushi section. The generous slice of tangy mango + lobster salad, just so many flavours, textures (soft mango, crunchy roe, salad bits) going on!!!I so love Itacho Sushi. Wish I could try everything on the menu, but I need to have lots of cash to do that. A good place to splurge once in a while on good sushi. Come to think of it, the prices are rather reasonable given their fast service and FRESH sushi. No wonder there is always a queue waiting to go in. Spending: Approximately SGD 25(Lunch)
We walked pass this restaurant alot of times so we decided that we should try it out.Service was pretty fast.We didn\'t have to wait long to be served.The sushi are quite cheap also.Ordered the chicken cutlet rice as my main dish then followed by miso soup.As the sushi is reasonably priced, we decided to order some to try.The salmon taste great and the size was quite huge (for that price).I\'m surprised to find that it wasn\'t those thinly sliced salmon like what you would find in restaurants that sell cheap sushi.All in all, it was good value for money.Would definitely visit again.Spending: Approximately SGD 20(Dinner)
Heard from my friend this sushi chain was from hongkong so we went to try The sushi was surprisingly good. Prices are generally reasonable A piece of aburi salmon belly sushi is only less than $3 &the fish to rice ratio was a lot better than many of the other sushi chain restaurants Service was excellent.when one of the waitresses made a mistake with an taco dish that I’d ordered, she volunteered to change it, even though I’d taken a piece already, without any complaints or questions asked Overall i rate 8/10
I have never tried Itacho before until I was at Hong Kong recently and has tried Itacho Hong Kong for the first time and really love their Sushi. It was so fresh and reasonably priced! And while I was there, i realised that they have a few branches in Singapore which i felt really happy about it, telling myself must try it when im back in Singapore. Was at Ion recently meeting a friend for lunch. While looking thru the mall directory, was happy there is a Itacho here, so has suggested to my friend to have our lunch there. The queue was rather long during lunch hour, but luckily we didnt have to wait that long. Was feeling extremely hungry and spoilt for choices, we decided to go for their premium set for 2, as we were lrather ost of what to order. Haha. Wow, the sushi were all nice. But not as nice and fresh as those i had at Itacho Hong Kong, but its still considered much better than any other Japanese restaurants that I had tried in Singapore.
Itacho Sushi is a really popular Japanese restaurant! I spent almost half an hour waiting to get a seat before being able to sit down comfortably to order my food. Perhaps the queue was due to the dinner time crowd too. But anyway, the wait was really worth itItacho Sushi serves delicious and fresh sushi at super affordable prices! My favourite has to be the Tamago Sushi which is only 80cents each. Overall. I really like this place. Good food with great service just makes a meal so much more memorable
Went to Bugis so often that i suddendly asked myself hey i just went to Itacho Sushi fews days ago,am i going in or should i order from the many food outlets in Bugis Junction and of course i finally join the queue and went in as i\'m always looking forward to Itacho\'s good food at good price. Had the femented soybeans(natto) hand roll at $2.40. Generous amount of natto with rice on handroll and the seaweed was so crisspy that i had to order another roll. Spending: Approximately SGD 5(Lunch)
In my opinion, Itacho sushi has the best and freshest sashimi in Singapore. After all the times i\'ve been to Itacho, i have yet to find anything that wasn\'t impressive. Every slice of sashimi i had was fresh and thats a consistency thats hard to maintain. My advice is not to order main courses like the rice or noodles, instead, just feast on sashimi along and trust me, it costs just a teeny weeny bit more but its 100% more satisfying.Do also try their chawamushi- its even better than the ichiban version (which i love very much already). The staff are also very friendly. I like to sit at the sushi table infront of the chef. If they aren\'t too busy, you can strike up a conversation with them, get them to recommend your next dish and also to give you tips about how best to go about eating sashimi or what each sort of fish tastes like.
Itacho Sushi is a place filled with fresh and affordable Japanese food! Grilled salmon sushi was fantastic. Salmon sashimi is really fresh and sweet! Sweet shrimp, hotate and botan shrimp sushi is great too! Botan shrimp is alot nicer as compared to the other shrimps. Fresher, juicier and sweeter. I also ordered crabmeat chawanmushi. It is really tasty! I will definitely head back for more!
The interior at Bugis is the same as at Plaza Singapura and Ion with the cashier near the entrance. I love their regular new menus at discounted prices and last week i had the goyza-3 pieces at $2.40.Very crispy fried skin and meat inside juicy served with curry salt on the side.Bit sizes cripy fried prawns with skin not peeled but eligible and plate at $3.80,Stewed Salmon belly with pepper sauce and onion,very rich but tasty because fish very fresh and pepper just right.Regular promotion item of salmon with soya sauce at $0.40 is a must as they only allow you to order up to max 4 pieces per pax. Service staffs at Bugis are equally cheerful and attentive and always comes around to make sure your order are served as your order chits are placed just behind your seat and your tea refilled.Spending: Approximately SGD 20(Dinner)
I\'m a Japanese food fan loving anything raw including raw fish intestines. Itacho Sushi\'s outlets has became my first choice because it offers unbeatable value for money menu and ever freshness from it\'s sashimi menu. On 9th August my family of 3 decided to eat out to celebrate National Day and naturally all 3 of us decided to pick one of Itacho Sushi\'s outlet which we went to at Plaza Singapura. The never to be missed order is "angkimo"which is fish liver served with ponzu sauce at $6 is a real good catch. Very seldom we can find "anago-fesh eel"as most restaurants serves "unagi"and at S$6 for a big piece of sushi is a good deal too. The "ika sashimi"at $4.80,"hotate"are also favourites we never miss as they are really fresh and value for money. Overall, thumps up and thank you Itacho Sushi for bringing good value for money food into Singapore and hope you keep opening more outlets.Spending: Approximately SGD 20(Lunch)
I went to Spotlight with my friend and thought of having our lunch at Plaza Singapore. We were searching for a place to eat and this particular restaurant caught our eyes. The restaurant looked inviting, with a slight queue outside. The promotion posters were captivating. I love fish and they were having some promotion of fish dishes at $8.50 per set. In addition, they have some dishes that were having upto 50% discount. We decided to give it a try. The table and chairs that we set upon were slightly higher than normal, something like that of a counter chair. There were stacks of order forms on the table for you to place the order, with colours corresponding to that on the menu. This forms did not include the promotion items. My friend and I each ordered a fish dish. I ordered the \'Grilled Aka Uo Fish\', upgrade to include salad and miso soup for an additional $3.Before we had our main course, we ordered some side dishes. The salmon sushi with soy sauce, original price $0.80 each, now 50% off. Not bad. The Gyoza at $2.40 per plate 3 pieces. The salmon belly at $3.80 per plate. I didn\'t quite like the salmon belly as it was full of bones.Then we added the Deep Fried Shrimp, $3.80 and Hot Roasted Egg, $2.40. I tried the hot roasted egg in Japan, but this one was not as good, maybe not hot enough. Still I quite like it. The Shrimps were disappointing though.Overall, it\'s a value for money restaurant. They even waived the charges for the towel and hot tea if you spent about $10 per person. Spending: Approximately SGD 20(Lunch)
Was feeling hungry after walking around the mall and saw a queue outside this restaurant so we ended up in the queue as they were having some promotions going on. We settled for a few side dishes which was having up tp 50% off and felt shortchanged somehow on the fried prawns, cos it turned out only 3 medium prawns(I won\'t even called them prawns but shrimps), cubed and fried till it was extremely dried and not appettizing. The picture on the poster was taken with 3 prawns in whole... We ordered the top salmon belly with black pepper(ok only), gyoza with curry salt(so so only), soya salmon sushi(nice) and the hot roasted egg(nice) apart from our lunch set which I ordered the grilled sama fish. It was well grilled but wished they have taken out the innards from the fish cos they were extremely fishy even after squeezing lemon on it wasn\'t a help. Overall service is efficient but don\'t think I will visit again.Spending: Approximately SGD 22.00(Lunch)
their sushi is super good! well, that explains whytheir queue is always long. the salmon roll is a must try! MUST! i always order that when i patronize. service is good but the place is a little noisy. customers are clattered together to maximize space but since their food is good... everything is worth it! price is abit exp but the quality of food does match the price. they have items on promotion too. so pricing is reasonable.
My appetitie for itacho sushi is getting bigger and bigger. Everytime I go there with my girlfriend, we will always indulge in a lot of sushi, stuff ourselves silly. The whole reason to that is because the sushi there is incredibly delicious. It is slightly different from those you find at sakae sushi. The ingredients itacho use are the freshest and most delicious! My favourite dish is the tamago with curry lobster. It tamago is perfectly fried and the lobster is marinated lovely.
Ever since the Japanese restaurant at the basement of The Adelphi closed, it has been years I had tasted such good sushi made in Singapore. The ingredients are fresh and you can feel the warmness of the sushi rice when savouring the delicious sushi! This was my first time to this restaurant, hence all the dishes seem so interesting to me. There is a lot of variety and many of them are new dishes to me, not the usual ones that you can find in other Japanese chain restaurants. Take a look at the photos, you will see some of the unique ones that I had tasted. I have a hard time to select the 8 photos from my list of photos. You will find alot of new, fresh and high-quality fishes and other ingredients such as cod liver and foie gras in the menu. I simply love the uniqueness of the baked stuffed crab, the tamago with curry lobster. The tamago are comparable to the ones that I had in Tokyo. I will definitely go back for more!Spending: Approximately SGD 20(Lunch)
Finally waited till the day that has no queue! I went for it this first time and i forsee many more times which i\'ll be patronising here! I had swordfish sashimi, Jumbo hotate sushi, Ika sushi, hotate sushi with sea salt and shrimp sushi. They are simply fresh, sweet and delicious! Not only that, they are affordable too. That explained the forever long queues. Nice place with nice food and nice service. Thumbs up!
Itacho caters a whole lot of fresh and delicious sashimi! Not only that, they are really affordable too! Their scallops, salmon, prawns sushi were all very fresh, sweet and tasty! Didn\'t really like the grilled salmon sushi though. The staffs were friendly too even though most were aunties but the standard is there! Will be back for more if the queue are not too long =D
This Jap sushi had it\'s first branch at ion... I ate it some time back and I came to love the sashimi n the fried egg there!! The sushi is good too... What\'s more now is that they are having discount for grill salmon sushi at 0.40 per piece... Super worthwhile!! But limited to 4 piece per pax... ;) the seafood salad is good too with salmon sashimi and hotate and cardstick... Spending: Approximately SGD 18(Dinner)
I love the sweet prawn and salmon sashimi....Yummy! It\'s a type of Hong Kong Japanese food... They have a number of new varieties that you cant find in other Japanese restaurants.. (e.g. mini cup rice) I love the food here and will be back for sure :-)Spending: Approximately SGD 30(Dinner)
Aaaaand was surprise to see this little fellow growing immensely from ION! So happy that it opens nearby and of course, I said hello to a Q first but it wasn\'t long as it was still 6ish PM. super lucky to beat the crowd. And for the first time I got the kitchen bar seat. Started to order with the confusing and annoying paper as usual, trying to find the dishes I want in the colored paper. I find this quite annoying, how bout the rest? GLORIOUSLY, THE SALMON WITH SOY SAUCE THAT is on 50% sale but nonetheless wanting it because of how good it looked was available!!!! Where I always meet a sold outin this one, the 40c/piece was here! Ordered 6 to share half. And the verdict? So in the end we accidently tried the wagyu sushi which is like, $6 per piece. Amazing. And ask them to burn it unless you guys want to try it raw. We thought it was right, we ordered something else that we think its it, but in the end this expensive sushi came out! Taste was just OK though, it IS soft and mushybut there\'s nothing special. And a great plus point when sitting in the bar area... watching the chef cook! Let s just say Nippon chef W-san is an entertaining view indeed. Also, I peered through on how another asst chef was slicing the precious raw salmon fillet. Didnt know that salmon has bones, he was picking it from the meat, a long translucent bone. Service-wise was relatively slow as the waiters were not passing by so frequently, so it was hard to ask for a refill (i\'m a fish. i drink it in a gulp and need refills). But then I know its always always full. Spending: Approximately SGD 25(Dinner)
To my surprise, itacho appeared since when in Bugis junction?! I thought it was only in ION, so when my friend wanted sushi, we were stuck between sakae sushi and itacho. seeing that both had Qs, we settled for Itacho which also had a Q but hey, doesn\'t this restaurant always get good reviews and theres so many people coming in to Q for such a long time? This was my first time and luckily, compared to the Q in ION, this was much more human since the place was also smaller than ION. It was small and has very limited space, something I dislike about the resto. Quite cramp and got no space for me to put my stuff if I take a 2seater table. We tried the pretty thing spicy salmon with beancurd stick w mayonnaise ($1.60), salmon spring roll ($3) and california hand roll of a many few. First, the spicy salmon w beancurd, ISN\'T spicy. Hahaha and the taste was just OK, nothing special nor tasteful. Salmon spring roll is a total asian fuse! This is a must-try, it has a zing of fresh taste, perhaps lime in the sauce, with a delectable crunch of the skin and inner vegetable. Really beautiful as well in the presentation, kirei kirei! The california hand roll, well all rolls are quite a hassle to eat. The vegetables say, are fresh enough since it was still crunchy. As expected. Spending: Approximately SGD 25
A variety of sushi that are special. Their sashimi are really fresh. However, it is a little pricey. 1 piece of sushi cost $1.90 and above. They have a set meal which cost $25 which is a good choice if you want to try out a variety of their food But, I was also rather disappointed by the service provided for a restaurant that should be of higher standard. you may read more on my blog for my entire experience at Itacho http://illusorydoll.livejournal.com/93462.html
Only recently did I know that there’s a minimum spending of $50 if you wanna make a reservation at Itacho Sushi. Doesn’t that mean a lot of sushi at one go? No wonder there’s usually a long queue outside, besides the fact that there’s always a discount of 50% off some of the sushi!

Like this salmon with soy sauce, which was only going for $0.40++ each. 40 cents per sushi, where to find in Singapore?! Of course, don’t expect too much. The cut is very thin and it’s mostly fats without the flesh.

The salmon inari sushi ($1.30++ each) has a sweet beancurd skin filled with rice topped with a spicy salmon mixture. Quite tasty!

I usually like any tamago ($2.40++) but I find this too dry to be even considered average.

Pork chop don with scrambled egg ($12++)! Big portion, small price~

Without a doubt, this is what I came to Itacho for. The “supreme sea eel” ($6++), a looooong piece of thin eel hiding a minute ball of rice, which is just my kind of thing. The eel has a perfect melt-in-the-mouth texture, and the seasoning is not too sweet. I reckon I’ll just get multiple plates of this and skip the rest next time!

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I decided to have an early lunch with my friend and happen to passby Itacho Sushi and decided to give it a try. Ambience and dining experience were generally good and the wait staff were attentive. Food is tasty, just that the price is a little more pricey compare but i don't mind pay a little more for quality food. Definitely a yes, to come back to dine again.

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There was long queue during the time of visit , joined the queue as having the thought that long queue means good food , however after visiting only then found out the food taste was just average , negative part is that food portion was very little! Don't think I'm going back again , not worth the price for that little portion of food , at other jap restaurant I can get bigger portion at the same price. however , if you wish to try out yourself , i would recommend crab charwanmushi from there .

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My sister and I were craving for sushi when my mum suggest we go to itacho at ion to satisfy both our cravings. The sushi there are simple delicious! I love their grilled pork sushi, the fish egg coated sushi and the lobster salad sushi.

The grilled pork sushi is very delicious. The pork is very tender when eaten with the sushi rice, it taste really very good. The fish egg sushi is also really good, love their generousity when coating the sushi with fish egg. The lobster salad sushi is another must try. The lobster they use are really fresh and juicy. Mix with the mayo, instead splendid!

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There are times of the month when u just crave for yummy sushi. Well my friends introduced me to such a place to satisify that burning desire for yummy sushi. Itacho is the name! They serve really delicious sushi!
My favourites are the lobster salad, corn mayo and spicy tuna mayo. They are serve in the toufu skill thing and seaweed, really awesome. What makes it so worth it, is that they are very generous with the toppings. The sushi is so yummy that I can eat at least ten sushi at each time.

I really enjoy my visit everytime I visit itacho cos the service is good and the environment is very comfy!

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We nearly put off by the long queue but some of my friends want to have japanese food so in the end we still queue for it. From what I know, I saw this joint in Hong Kong before. Was wondering how good their food will be. We were hungry by the time we sat down for dinner adn we quickly ordered many plates of sushi and a few plates of sashimi. The ingredients were fresh and I liked their sushi. The rice was not over powered by the vinegar taste. The sashimi was fresh and sweet. As we did not order any fried items or the noodles, I cannot comment on that. Maybe next time, I will try it.

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It was a long wait before Itacho Sushi decided to open an outlet in Singapore. I had tried it in Hong Kong before. The queue was quite long when we reached the outlet at Ion Orchard. We waited for quite a while before we managed to get our seats. You can expect to be served fresh sashimi in this sushi joint. We ordered salmon sashimi and scallops. They were delicious. However, their fried items were so nice. Overall, the standard of the food was still acceptable. However, the service of the staff might need to be improved. If you have time constraints, you may have to skip this outlet.

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The menu offer a few special items like the cod liver sushi, raw beef sushi which are not commonly found! The mini rice bowls are also good for people who like to try a little of everything. The salmon spring roll seems to be a fushion of vietnamese rice roll with raw salmon, an interestingly refreshing combi worth trying. I am surprised that they do really offer the promotional 40 cents salmon soya sauce sushi, as I'd assumed it is only used as a promotion gimmick and would say out of stock when u order them, like in many dining places. However, the queue can be rather slow moving during peak hours, and the food takes rather long time to arrive. Nonetheless, the food is fresh and rather worth the wait.

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A variety of sushi that are special.
Their sashimi are really fresh.
However, it is a little pricey. 1 piece of sushi cost $1.90 and above.
They have a set meal which cost $25 which is a good choice if you want to try out a variety of their food

But, I was also rather disappointed by the service provided for a restaurant that should be of higher standard.

you may read more on my blog for my entire experience at Itacho http://illusorydoll.livejournal.com/93462.html

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