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EAT, authentic food with traditional taste.
Love their Bak cho mee with fishball and minced meat
The shop opens for 24 hours and serves pretty decent noodles!
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3 Aug 2014 00:25:07
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Harbourfront Centre #01-84B, 1 Maritime Square 099253
Tel 6271 7201
Jurong East Mall (JEM) #B1-K7, No. 50 Jurong Gateway Road 608549
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EAT, authentic food with traditional taste. Love their Bak cho mee with fishball and minced meat The shop opens for 24 hours and serves pretty decent noodles!
Great place to grab a bite at! Tried the herbal duck soup and it was yummy! Also recommend the sweet potato fries and 'coffin toast'
I visited Heeren after a really really long time and it sure has changed significantly! The basement is now full of f&b outlets whereas it used to be occupied by a restaurant, Village, previously. One such f&b outlet there is EAT. Sick of the usual fast food or ricey meals, I ordered Fishball Meepok Dry from EAT. which came with a bowl of soup. However, the noodles weren\'t up to standard. It was rather rubbery and tasteless and the soup didn\'t do much to make it better. Definitely of average or below average standard.
Everybody goes there for the fish noddles,meat noddles and fried items like chinese rojaks which consists of ngoh hiam,fishcakes,beancurds etc..and pork porridge and i hardly see anyone order any hot drinks from them during my almost ten times there. They serve one of the best coffee and to me good coffee is thick,strong and aromatic and the best price of only $1 even when you ask the lady to add condensed milk as everywhere they charge extra for the condensed milk. Sitting capacity however is tight as they only have 3 rows of long tables and especially during lunch,the crowd do not just walk away,you can see people standing and waiting for seating.Spending: Approximately SGD 1(Other)
This particular laksa shop has got to be one of the best laksa in town (so far from what I have tasted) If you love spicy food, this is the place. They have generous serving as well! And the pricing is really reasonable...Ambience and sorrounding wise is ok and clean! If buying a laksa for a reasonable price this is highly recommended they got few outlets islandwide... Spending: Approximately SGD 5(Lunch)
I decided to pay EAT a visit after hearing from my friends that EAT not only has nice fishball noodles, it also has nice pork porridge. After I ordered the porridge, I was shocked to find out that it costs $3.50. I find it a bit over price as a typical pork porridge will cost around $2.50. The conditions of the porridge were still not affected despite I bought it as a takeaway so I did not eat it straightaway. However, I find the pork livers inside to be overcooked as they were too hard. It was a bit salty. Apart from these, the rest was acceptable.
You may not realize the brand EAT which sells Mee Pok, Satay Bee Hoon & Laksa. They have a few outlets in some shopping malls, quite rapidly growth for a stall that sell noodles. Even though they have expanded, quality of the noodles are well maintain. What\'s worth to mention is that all of their range of noodles they serve are likable by majority of the population.This particular outlet I visited at Simpang Bedok was very unusual in term of its location. As most of the coffee shops, restaurants or cafes around Simpang Bedok are Halal and cater to Muslims. Location wise, it seems to be in the wrong fit which explain why this outlet does not has the usual crowd. What\'s special at this outlet is that it is operated 24 hours! So, next time if you are craving for Mee Pok or etc you can come here without battling with the crowd.Fishball Mee PokThe vinegar added wasn\'t too much but strong enough to smell it before you indulge in it. Mee Pok was nicely blended with the sauce, not to dry - tasty! Fishball SoupTheir fishball was chewy! Although I didn\'t try their Satay Bee Hoon or Laksa, I saw pretty good reviews on these. I will definitely try it during the next visit!
I ordered Bak cho mee from E.A.T . Bak cho mee is noodle with minced meat and mushroom with delicious sweet soya sauce. The noodle is springy and chewy. Thinner than maggie mee but somewhat the same. I like it a lot, very tasty. I would love to have another bowl, but it was a take away. Definitely worth to try again and again and again.
Imagine a sudden craving for a good bowl of fishball mincemeat noodles in the wee hours of the morning! When all the shops are asleep and there you have it, EAT., the classic fishball and minced meat noodle shop that opens for 24 hours and serves pretty decent noodles! EAT. have branches all over the island and I believe they are opening more around! When the shopping mall is all cool and quiet in the night at Jurong point, EAT. is alive with steamy soups and fresh noodles. Their minced meat noodles is slightly above average but I wish they would give more minced meat and ingredients. Do try out their fried items such as chicken wings and fishcake, they are really good too! Sinful to have such fried stuff in the night, but your tastebuds will love it! So, head down to any EAT. to satisfy your craving today!Spending: Approximately SGD 4
A small eatery with rather good food. Enjoy the food here with my friends whenever we shop around the area. Good place to chill out too.
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