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Ameen Makan House (Clementi Road)
Ameen Makan House
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We visited this three mth old restaurant near the Clementi / Pasir Panjang Rd junction and found it cool (aircon cool I mean) and a great place to hand out to watch NUS undergrads chill out
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28 Aug 2012 22:09:34
We visited this three mth old restaurant near the Clementi / Pasir Panjang Rd junction and found it cool (aircon cool I mean) and a great place to hand out to watch NUS undergrads chill out
Bite into the classic roti john here. Mushrooms and meat are a perfect combo!
This restaurant is great for having late night suppers or dinner. They have quite a wide variety of Indian muslim Food from pratas to naans and mee goreng. I had their fried kway teow in omelette egg dish that day for five dollars. It was quite an enormous piece of egg with a generous amount of kway teow and seafood wrapped inside. You have a choice of seafood/ beef/ chicken for your meat. They served prawns and sotong which were really succulent. I enjoyed the meal because the kway teow was not too oily too! (:
Selling a wide range of halal food at affordable prices, this shop is popular amongst students and \'supper seekers\'. This dish, pattaya with yellow noodle, seafood and dark soy sauce ($5) is served piping hot and would appeal to all egg lovers out there. The egg is nicely cooked with drips of tomato sauce spread across it. The noodles and seafood wrapped beneath the egg is filling but might be a little too sweet because of the say sauce that is stirred with it. Worth trying for people looking for a satisfying and filling meal. Spending: Approximately SGD 5(Dinner)
among the curry stuff, my girlfriend prefer the masala dishes so whenever we eat at ameen, she will always order masala. this time we tried the eggplant masala which i think is quite nice especially for a person who doesnt really like to eat eggplant. but compared to last time, i think the portion of masala is slightly smaller but still enough to share. there is also a new promotion that they will give free ice cream to the customers during lunch time. although is not super nice ice cream, is still something free for dessert however, the down side is that during peak hour, you will have to wait very long for the food and there was afew times that the staff actually forgotten about our orders. so if possible, try to avoid the crowdSpending: Approximately SGD 10(Lunch)
The food at ameen makan house is really good. What\'s better is that they offer home delivery service. I order from them quite regularly and I have to say that each time i order, the food never disappoints. So when i was ameenmakan house, i ordered the cockles kway teow. There was cucumber with chili sauce and fried onion served with the dish. It was well cooked. However, it was not as spicy as i wanted it to be. The cockles tasted really good also. The dish was not bad.
Talk about Ameen Makan House, the first dish that comes to my mind is their nasi goreng kampung. This has become my \'staple dish\'I should say. It has all the essential tastes that a fried rice dish should have. Try the dish with the spicy sambal belachan served with it. Oh! Simply delicious! With many NUS students dining here, this place can be a little bit cramped in the evenings. Ameen\'s also do home delivery. But be preparedto wait for an hour ormore for your delivery.
i seldom eat at an indian or malay restaurant because the food tend to betoo spicy for me so i was a bit reluctant to try at ameen when my lab mates want to go there for lunch. my friend recommend me to try the naan and since i never try before, i want to give it a shot and oh my, it tasted damn good! i think is much better than prata and ever since than, i do not like to eat prata anymore. i ordered lady\'s finger masala to go with the naan and the combi was great. my friend also ordered other type of masala but i think veggie masala still taste the bestSpending: Approximately SGD 7(Lunch)
first introduced to this store by my friend. I always thought this is just a normal prata store but actually is not, it sells much more malay/indian style cuisine. i love the pataya rice here, you can choose either chicken or seafood. the cheese fries is also nice especially when sharing with friendsSpending: Approximately SGD 5(Lunch)
i went Al-ameen for supper. i didn\'t know what to eat. so i was browsing through the menu for quite long and finally i order Nasi goreng Seafood. it\'s was nice. the rice was ok, it\'s was stir-fried with prawn, squid and some vegetable.it wasn\'t spicy at all. but they serve it with a slice of cucumber and chilli sauce.
Decided to make another trip to Ameen makan house as the food was really good the first time I went there. This time, I ordered mee hailam, omlette and nasi goreng. The nasi gorengis also known as bush. A very unique name so I decided to try it. Ithas got to be one of the best nasi goreng that I have ever tasted. Extremely spicy and the perfect nasi goreng that you will ever taste. The omlette was not too bad and the mee hailam was also very delicious.
My cousins and I decided to have our dinner at Ameen makan house. This shop is rather new so we decided to give it a try. We ordered tandoori chicken which was extremely tasty which was served together withgravy which was quite spicy but gave it the extra taste. Butter naan and a banana smoothie to go with it. The smoothie hadmarshmallows on top. This drink is my favourite. It is very sweet and very tasty. The banana taste is really strong and the marshmallows gives it the extra sweetness.
Tue saw me at Ameen Makan House, again. The food keeps just keeps getting better. I had mee hong kong while my sis had the tom yam soup. However, this time round, the tom yam soup was not spicy an was too sour. The mee hong kong on the other hand was nice and of satisfactory level.
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