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Total Swiss (S) Pte Ltd (2 Ang Mo Kio Street 65)
Total Swiss (S) Pte Ltd (2 Ang Mo Kio Street 65)
Total Swiss (S) Pte Ltd (2 Ang Mo Kio Street 65)
About Us
Cellular Nutrition from Switzerland

Fit Solution is a complete Cellular Nutrition that provides over 140 types of trace elements that the body needs to function at optimal.

Illnesses such as High Blood Pressure, Diabetes, Obesity, Liver Dysfunction, and Cancer are caused by the dysfunction of the body cells, resulting from the lack of minerals and vitamins from the food we eat. The body cells are under-nourished as the food we eat nowadays do not contain all the necessary minerals and vitamins that the body needs to function properly.

Fit Solution is a water-soluble health supplement that provides Complete and Balance Nutrients through a unique Nutrient Absorption System that allows your body to absorb the nutrients through the mouth and throat membranes instead of the stomach for faster effect. It is also tuned to the Energy Slope Arrangement that will direct the nutrients to the areas in the body with the lowest energy level. This means the effects are unique to the individual.

It replenishes your body cells with all the nutrients it needs to rejuvenate and revitalize the body. This improves the oxygen-carrying ability of your red-blood cells and greatly improves metabolism. This allows your body to carry out self-repair and also detoxify the toxins and waste accumulated over the years.

Over the years, the minerals in the soil are depleted through each harvest of the crops but they are not replenished. This coupled with the regional availability of minerals and vitamins means that we may be completed deprived of some of the critical trace elements that should have been available in the food we eat.

Fit Solution is researched to focus on the 140 types of trace elements that the body needs and extracting them individually in concentration from the fruits and vegetables that contains them. This is done in an extremely controlled environment to ensure that the product is produced with the highest quality assured.

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