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About Us

Our History

Our Group has its humble beginnings in the 1950s when our founder, Chew Koh, began selling chicken eggs to the British army. In the 1960s, he became a wholesaler of chicken eggs and diversified into chicken feed trading and the farming of chickens. In 1968, he expanded his business into chicken wholesaling, buying live chickens from farmers in Singapore and selling them to wet market stalls.

With the acquisition of Soonly Food Processing and the establishment of KSB Distribution in the late 1990s, our group became an integrated processor of chicken, from slaughtering to further processing and value-adding, to packaging and delivery of a comprehensive range of ready-to-cook chicken products.

With the threat of bird flu, our group diversified into frozen meat, beef, lamb and later also to pork, with the acquisition of Jordon International Food Processing in 2009.

Elite KSB was listed on the Stock Exchange of Singapore in 2004. Today, with a combined staff of about 350, we are a leading one-stop manufacturer and supplier of chicken, beef, lamb and pork products to supermarkets, wet markets, hotels, restaurants, chicken rice stalls, bakuteh stalls and other food service providers in Singapore.
Products & Services

Chicken Slaughtering

In addition to processing the chicken we import from Malaysia, we also offer third-party slaughtering services where we provide high quality, hygienic and efficient chicken slaughtering services.

Our subsidiary, Soonly, is one of ten licensed chicken slaughterhouses in Singapore. Its highly automated facilities have the capacity to slaughter up to 80,000 chickens per day.

Processing an estimated 25% of Singapore’s daily demand for fresh chickens, Soonly is the first chicken slaughterhouse to have its food safety system certified under SPRING’s HACCP Certification Scheme.


We are a leading provider of chilled chicken in Singapore. Known for their quality and taste, our chicken products are available in major supermarket chains such as Cold Storage, NTUC Fairprice and Shop N Save. They are also widely available from wet market stalls, Chicken rice stalls, hotels, restaurants and food service outlets throughout Singapore.

As a one-stop processor and distributor of chicken products, we have the unique ability to deliver quality chicken products according to our customers' needs. Our ISO 9001 certified quality management system and our HACCP certified food safety system enable us to provide products and services of unrivalled quality, reliability and consistency.

The live chickens we import from Malaysia are processed at our plant before being distributed as a wide range of fresh and superior quality products: fresh dressed chicken, fresh chicken parts, marinaded chicken.

At Elite KSB, we offer a ‘Central Kitchen’ solution for customers where we assist with backend services such as slaughtering, packaging and marinating of chicken while our customers such as F&B outlets, focus on the final stages of food preparation. Our clientele include household names such as KFC, Texas Chicken, Nando's and Kenny Rogers.

Given the diverse nature of our customer base, a vast and well-organised distribution network is highly essential. Our answer to this challenge comes in our refrigerated trucks that deliver our products daily to customers in over 350 locations all over Singapore.
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