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Excellent service

Okay my first post on Facial.
This is a home-based facial. I'm blogging about this because of her excellence service.
I was late for almost for an hour because of the previous dental appointment I had (Dentist was late for almost 1.5 hours).

Joyce is a very polite lady, and always welcome people with her warm smile. Her room is very cosy, and take care of almost every need one has. You can find the price of different facial treatments she provides below.

And the best part of her service? Unlike every other places, Joyce would not force anyone to buy her product. You just have to book your appointment in advance and that's all she ask for. She's not pushy at all, so much less stressful when heading there for facial.

Furthermore, she provides a free eye mask for all first-timer! It's a must go! :D
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