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Tong Heng was featured in Appetite magazine (Click image to enlarge)
The article was first published in the August 2011 issue of Appetite magazine

Tong Heng has been around for more than 80 years. We have two outlets; located at South Bridge Road and Jurong Point. We specialize in wedding cakes and Chinese pastries such as egg tarts, char siew pastry and traditional wedding cakes

Tong Heng (Telok Ayer Shop Houses)
Products & Services
  • Chinese New Year Cookies and Puddings
  • Mooncake Festival
  • Wedding Pastries
  • Baby's First Month Delicacies

Tarts Egg tarts 鸡旦挞
Coconut tarts 椰丝鸡旦挞
Crisps BBQ pork crisps 叉烧酥
Curry chicken crisps 咖喱酥
Savoury five spice with century egg crips 五香皮旦酥
Candid melon crips 老婆饼
Lotus paste crisp with salted egg yolk 旦黄莲蓉酥饼
Lotus paste crips 莲蓉酥饼
Green bean crips 豆蓉酥饼
Red bean crisps 豆沙酥饼
Cakes Icing shortcake with lotus paste filing 莲蓉光酥饼
Golden shortcake 金露酥
Plain Chinese cake 烧旦糕
Chinese cake with red bean paste filling 豆沙烧蛋糕
Dragon Phonenix cake 龙风饼
Sesame shortcake with red bean paste filling 芝麻豆沙饼
Plain shortcake 大福饼
Other Pasteries Fried spring roll 炸春卷
Fried savoury shrimp dumpling 炸咸水饺
Fried sesame ball 炸煎堆
Walnut cookies 合桃酥
Meat bun 鸡肉烧包
  • Great Fortune Cookies
  • Sesame Crisps with Red Bean Paste
  • Chinese Cakes
  • Walnut Cookies
  • Longevity Buns
  • Icing Shortcake with Lotus Seed Paste
  • Golden Shortcake with Lotus Seed Paste
  • Golden Coin Cookies
  • Candied Melon Crisps
  • Dragon Phoenix Cake with Lotus Seed Paste
  • Blissful Crisps with Lotus Seed Paste
  • Harmony Crisps with Mixed Seeds
  • Happiness Cookies
  • Blissful Crisps with Red Been Paste
  • Blissful Crisps with Green Bean Paste
  • Mixed nuts Mooncake
285 South Bridge Road 058833
Tel : 6223 3649,6223 0398
1 Jurong West Central 2 648886
Tel : 6794 6292
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