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Cedele by The Bakery Depot was founded by Ms Yeap Cheng Guat in July 1997. Bakery Depot is the parent company who is responsible of all the baking and making of food, and Cedele is our bakery cafe.

Healthy eating doesn’t have to be boring. Cedele offers a delectable selection of gourmet sandwiches, soups, desserts and more, using only the freshest ingredients and no trans fats. Now you can satisfy your food cravings with a wholesome and delicious meal without the guilt.

My ultimae favourite place for sandwiches after Subway. Subway is usually better known for sandwiched but Cedele is another one that you absolutely cannot afford to miss.

They also serve cakes, coffee on top of sandwiches so I suggest you can make it a set meal with your sandwich - comes with a brownie, pasta salad and a sandwich of your choice. All packed in a nice lunch box.
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16 Apr 2013 11:54:07
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My ultimae favourite place for sandwiches after Subway. Subway is usually better known for sandwiched but Cedele is another one that you absolutely cannot afford to miss. They also serve cakes, coffee on top of sandwiches so I suggest you can make it a set meal with your sandwich - comes with a brownie, pasta salad and a sandwich of your choice. All packed in a nice lunch box.
Cedele @ 100AM 100 Tras Street Level 01-13, 100 AM Singapore 079027 The Fluffy Blueberry Pancakes is good!!!!
super love their red velvet cake. great for birthdays!
their green pea bacon soup is yummy!
Enjoy their carrot cake with some warm latte in this cold weather recently, warms up your body automatically and DON'T FORGET their array of freshly made bread that you can bring home and make your sandwiches with!
bakery products made from healthy and high quality ingredients :))
good for quick lunch and snack. they have a variety of sandwhiches that will definitely satisfy your cravings. since im a carnivore i ordered the 'threesome' sandwhich with acon, ham and turkey. I thought it looked small for my hungry self, but yes, it was filling. The prices are affordable too, rangiing from 5-15$.
Tried this lemonade along with my sandwich for dinner at cedele. This refreshing beverage cost me $4.60 alone!
Really tumbs up cake carrot walnut frm cedele!
LOVE their cheesecake!! Its soooo goood!!!! Its worth the spending! :)
Love this place. They have good lunch sets. I recommend the pastas and soups. Also dont forget to leave room for dessert!
Homemade style soup with unlimited bread
Cedele is a nice cafe to chill. Love their pasta a lot!!
Cedele feels like Cafe food with an emphasis on Organic food and the gourmet style to me.There\'s bread at the counter on the side which you can dip in Olive Oil and Vinaigrette.Their salad with the garlic shrimps was very flavorful. Didn\'t think I\'d be able to find Salad in Asia that would taste so good. The Salad dressing was very fruity and felt very light. The salad greens felt fresh and crispy.The sandwich was great in terms of taste and portion as well. Can\'t believe it took so long to decide what to order, but really glad that the entrees tasted so great.Their carrot cake was moist, but not overly so. And the cream was just right in terms of sweetness, however could have been more sticky to the cake. Overall, a very yummy carrot cake.
Eat Well Be Well for Life..that is the slogan at Cedele. A place where you find fresh and healthy food. My meal starts with the Portobello and other Fungi Salad. The salad had pan fried plum portobello, shitake, button and oyster mushrooms topped with Balsamic and Olive Oil dressing. The vegetables were fresh and sweet which means they were not old which will taste bitter.The Grilled Chicken Avocado with Brie Sandwiches was another yummy dish. The freshness of the ingredients just brought the dish together.The Patty Cakes of Crab Scallion and Spiced Moist Chermoulah Chicken served with citrus lime sauce were a delightful snack dish that was well cooked and packed with juicy crab and chicken meat.
after having our dinner me and my friend decided to have a dessert , we drive to millenia walk and saw cedele restaurant The restaurant serves pastries , cookies , soups , salads , ice creams etc we ordered ice-creams mango Sorbet, and mixed berries sorbet , their ice creams are made without eggs as they are vegetarian friendly and they got different favours e.g teh halia , blueberry cheesecake etc The ice cream taste not too sweet and there are bit of fruit inside .
It was a rainy morning when I decided to take it as a slow day and have my breakfast at Cedele. I ordered the egg fritata and bacon, together with the coffee with milk, it costs me $6.5. The toast is quite hard, doesn\'t taste fresh though. However, the filling is awesome! The egg fritata is thick and very satisfying! The coffee itself is of alright standard, not too strong.Spending: Approximately SGD 7(Breakfast)
For a healthier choice of bread or sandwich, you may want to consider their Hogie sandwich.With lots of whole meal wheat used in the making of the bread, you can really feel the goodness and freshness from this simply bread.Although you may feel a bit dry when you taste it, but the fragrant from the wheat is really a plus point for your consideration for a healthy meal.Spread with thin margarine and it is ready to be served.
cedele •carrot walnut cake •filled with carrots, big pieces of crunchy walnuts, and frosted with cream cheese •cream cheese not too sweet •quite healthy •very moist •many vegetarian options for sandwiches •grilled mushroom, veggie tofu, beetroot burger – taste like curry weirdly •can buy loaves of organic healthy bread •staff is friendly and courteous •outlet is small, not enough tables
Visited the Cedele Raffles City branch recently. I greatly loved their carrot cake. The prices are reasonable as the taste was top notch. I am just glad that there is a branch near my work place and I will go visit again soon. It is good for birthday cake too, price is reasonable at $50buck plus, cause bread talk already selling at $40++
The best thing about the sandwiches here is the chef uses premium whole meal breads to make their sandwich.It is full of whole lots of nutrition and you can really feel the healthy contents in it.The mashed egg is very soft, moist and full of black pepper fragrant in it.Very fresh lettuces and sliced tomatoes are added to it which add in that extra crunchiness to the sandwich.The portion is quite huge and is good to share among two adults.For the bigger eater, I whole sandwich is also sufficient to fit your tummy too.
The common gripe about food is that "the unhealthy stuff always tastes so good"! So I glad to say thank goodness for Cedele who has figured out how to make food taste good and yet remain good for you.My Chicken & Portobello Sandwich was the first to arrive. Stacked high, a long toothpick held together the melted brie, tomato, lettuce and slab of grilled chicken thigh in between a ciabatta bun spread with sweet onion marmellata. Yums!My brother-in-law had the steak with balsamic mushrooms. The mushrooms were pretty good (plump and juicy), but the steak in contrast was quite dry and tough. At least there was enough gravy to take away some of the dryness.This was the popular dish of the night - both the husband and father-in-law ordered this. Tender chicken, sweet and tangy cranberry sauce with a side of what I think is potato gratin, both guys gave it the thumbs up. The gratin, I felt, was a bit lacking in taste though.My mother-in-law tends to gravitate towards fish but she had reservations about ordering the salmon because of previous experience where the salmon arrived with a fishy smell and taste. Cedele proved her wrong this time with a wonderfully cooked piece of pink salmon without the pungent smell of fish. The sauce added a nice tang that helped cut through the oiliness of the salmon. The potato cakes at the side were also delicious - slightly crisp on the outside, soft, tasty and with bits of pumpkin! For dessert, we ordered a slice of Carrot Walnut Cake ($6.00) (sorry, no picture!) and it was good as usual. Cedele was also kind enough to write the words "Happy Birthday" with chocolate syrup on the plate they presented to my Father-in-law, with a candle too of course.We also had a slice of Red Velvet Cake. The cake was a bit grainy but thankfully that didn\'t affect the taste too much. Love the thick layer of cream cheese too! My parents-in-law usually prefer Chinese food so you know the food\'s really good when they said they enjoyed everything! (: Spending: Approximately SGD 32(Dinner)
cedele has the best cakes ever! i would not go to another cake shop in singapore. this is IT. the best cake shop! this here is their strawberry cake. very very good. the filling was not too sweet, there was lots of strawberries on top and the cake layers were perfect. everything is well-balanced and you don\'t feel sick even if you ate the whole cake! they had a marzipan piece for the greetings, which is GREAt compared to other places with their fake stuff. the cream used was fantastic and fresh as well. not some fake mock whatever. this is the best cake house ever. great service too. fresh as fresh can be.
i love the meringues and pavlovas here. not cheap at all, but very good. you can\'t stop at one. but one would cost you $7. it\'s very fresh and you can taste the top quality ingredients. the meringues are crispy on the outside and chewy on the inside. perfection. cedele is the best place for cakes and pastries. have not tried anything bad so far and we go there almost every day! love the food. makes you feel happy after eating their wholesome foods. service is very good too. highly recommended.
After working non-stop for the whole Saturday, come dinner time, I was famished. And so, my friend and I headed to Cedele at Millenia Walk for that is one of our favourite restaurants. Plus, we know that they have generous servings. When we got there, I was surprised that it wasn\'t the restaurant but a mini deli where they only sell sandwiches. I didn\'t have the energy to walk around and decide on where we were gonna eat so we opted for this.I had their soup of the day and sandwich. They hada promotion and total bill only cost $12. Hmm. the soup was very rich in flavour as well as ingredients. The only problem I had with it was that it could\'ve been served warm...As for the Sandwich, it was quite huge, and it was enough to fill me up for dinner. THe bread tasted fresh and I really enjoyed munching on its almonds. The lettuce was also fresh and the chicken pattiey was so thick and filling. Yum! In the end, I had a very happy tummy.
I don\'t particularly fancy their D24 durian ice cream though. I like my durian ice cream to be punchy in flavor and this was somewhat too mild for me.
I wasn\'t feeling too well today so thought of having something soupy for lunch and Cedele came to my mind as it was just across the street from my office building. When I arrived at the outlet at about 11.30am, there were just a handful of customers. I noticed that there were 3 or 4 soups of the day to choose from, and decided on the Chicken Sweet Corn soup ($7.50). (If you order the soup set it would be $9.50 inclusive of a salad. The bread bar is free as long as you order the soup.) I love the Chai Latte from Starbucks so when I saw that Cedele also has this beverage on the menu I decided to try it out ($5).Spending: Approximately SGD 12.50(Lunch)
I\'m a fan of carrot cakes and stopped by Cedele for a fix. The slice of carrot cake was quite big, great for sharing. The cake itself was okay but not good enough for me. A little too sweet, the cake lacked the richness of ingredients (like nuts, CARROTS, etc.), which the reason why I like carrot cakes in the first place. With the complexity of ingredients compromised, the cake was mediocre in terms of texture and taste. Still passable but my quest for great carrot cake continues!Spending: Approximately SGD 5(Other)
The pumpkin soup is very saturated. So it is a bit sticky. I like the pumpkin taste,it is smooth and a bit sweet. I like to dip the baked bread inside too. The bread absorb the pumpkin soup.So when i put the bread in my mouth,my mouth is full with pumpkin soup. It really taste nice. I like it
Was so attracted to these desserts on the display glass of Cedele while walking along the shopping centre pathway. Hence, we decide to have desserts that day at Cenele at all cost! HAHA!The above are the desserts we ordered for the three of us!This is the strawberry shortcake! Look at the BIG STRAWBERRIES flooded in the cream! SInful bt delicious for those with sweet-tooth! Tee-hee! However, its just slightly above normal! AHHA! Not tat fantastic tooth after i tried the one below! My friend\'s chocotie cake!Yes! I think this is a MUST HAVE or MUST TRY! It\'s really great! I can\'t remember the exact name of the cake, it\'s something like royale cake. It\'s actually chocolate cake, what makes it special is the soft cake, chocolate slice on top and yet biscuit at the bottom! What a multi-layered pleasure to have it in the mouth. HAHA! Do note its abit too sweet also afta savouring everything! HAHA! So if u\'re not a sweet-tooth, think twce. For me, it\'s fantastic! keke!This is a chestnut pie, not very nice, chestnut flavor is not strong too!Their macaroons is not bad too! Sweetie~ Generally, i think it\'s still affordable to indulge in cenele desserts which ranges from $6+ to $9+ for the cakes per piece and the macaroons cost about $3 each!
This cafe serves many delicious freshly made soups, sandwiches,cakes ,muffins and salads. I especially like their prawn and bacon paste in well toasted pumkin bread top with lettures and tomatoes. At $7.80 for the meal but add $2.20 to make it $10, we get a set which consists of any selection of their soups. Today i paid $10 for the sandwich and soup set and my selection for the soup was wild mushrooms which were very deliciously blended with a few types of fresh wild mushrooms.Spending: Approximately SGD 10(Breakfast)
We needed a place to rest our feet after shopping for the earlier part of the evening. Cedele came to our mind, despite the many options surrounding us - as we were looking for a cafe with relatively decent cakes and hopefully, a quieter location whereby we could blather in ease. Upon arrival, we were greeted & seated relatively quickly by the window. The cafe ambience was cosy, as usual. But there\'s an unfortunate stench of stale fried food overhanging the cafe, thus making the visit less welcoming. Between us, we ordered a lot of cakes to try on, and most of them are nice!
I think christmas is one of my favourite hoildays which I really enjoyed myself. Besides turkey and ham, log cake is another food which I will not miss during this season. I was tempted to try this log cake from cedele after I received a brochure from them. As I find it rather expensive to purchase the whole cake just to try, so I decided to go for a slice.. the slice of log cake didn\'t come cheap either. And the taste was too rich for me ... so far this is the only cake from cedele that I do not enjoy. It was like eating those butter cream cake which I had not eaten for a long time...This is definitely not \'my slice of cake\'
My friend bought this Chocolate Log Cake for Christmas Party. The packaging of the box was very beautiful. The cake was nicely presented as well. It was not really good for my first bite. The chocolate layer was thick and a bit sweet. The cake was not soft at all. I can\'t even tasted it whether is cheese cake or log cake as it have some cheese taste. Overall, the cake was not good at all.
a friend of mine wanted to have a meal at this place this was my first time. we had Seafood risotto and black pepper crab aglio the risotto was really good.. sort of like baby food to me! soaked with the seafood wooo! as for the black pepper crab aglio... as usually i do not prefer plain pasta... i would say it is still ok... but my friend likes it
Was looking for a place to eat around town and nothing appealed to me nor my friend so we ended up going to cedele since we were passing by it...I got myself a Chocolate Truffle.It\'s supposedly their signature creations and was one of the top 10 dishes that got some award......When i tried it I was like..."whuuuuuuut" truffle is so not my thing! It doesn\'t taste the least bit chocolatey at all. I think it\'s supposed to taste like that......and there I was,thinking truffle was supposed to taste chocolatey. The only thing I like was the bottom of the cake..it had that biscutty taste...other than that,nahhhh.Not gonna have truffles again!
Decided to give the other dishes a try at cedele since the I didn\'t like the dessert there at all the first time I tried it..Gave their All day breakfast a try and I liked it!! They come with egg,sausages and toast. You can choose the way you want your eggs to be prepares-scrambled,sunny side up etc. The sausages were pretty big and the entire meal is actually quite filling...Definitely better than the dessert I tried the other time!
Given the status, i was deeply disappointed. Not the first time but a second round. Once was on my 21st, their carrot cake was awfully done! Now this.. I wonder how long have they stored this cake already. The sponge tasted as though it have been kept for a week! It was pretty hard and dry. I\'ve sworn off Cedele!
Wow, seriously one of the best carrot cakes in the market. The top layer of the cake is so sweet, it mixes well with the fruity sweetness in the layers of the cake. The cake smells extremely good, like some kind of red wine infused within the cake. The walnuts are really fresh and crispy. A good buy I must say!
Received a whole carrot walnut cake with cream cheese frosting for my birthday. It was Heaven! We loved it so much we could eat it for every meal, every day! Best carrot cake we\'ve ever tried so far! Amazingly fresh even after a few days. No sickening feeling after eating loads of it either. This definitely deserves the top 10 cakes of Singapore ranking. The service is polite and quick. Have to rder many days in advance for whole cakes. Definitely recommended carrot cake!
Visited the Cedele Raffles City branch recently. I instantly became a huge fan of their Banana Espresso Chocolate Cake and Blueberry Maple Wholewheat Cake. The prices are justifiable as the taste was top notch. I have never in my life tried a wholewheat cake that tasted so good. I am just glad that there is a branch near my work place and i will go visit again soon.
Not a big fan of eating out because Raffles Place\'s lunch crowd can be really horrendous.However, my colleague decided that we should try out Cedele coz the environment was ok and not too crowded.I ordered the Bacon, Lettuce & Tomato sandwich.The bacon is super crispy and not too hard.You know how some bacon can be so hard that it start to taste like chewing gum?This one was good.Fragrance and easy to bite.The vegetables and tomato slices that they add to the sandwich was really fresh too.The soup taste good and I cleaned up the entire bowl!Would definitely go back again!Spending: Approximately SGD 16(Lunch)
Be it on a weekday or weekend lunch time, this place is either packed with office crowd or families. This branch was just opened for a few months and yet the response is good. So I decided to give it a try. I must call this healthy food as I felt full for the whole day after eating. Food does not taste oily at all.My hubby ordered the dried laska which I took a few mouth to try, and I must say it does not taste a bit like laksa, the taste is great though. I love the burger as it is made from lean meat.The sauce in the burger goes well with the burger and lettuce.If you are a small eater, I suggest you share with friends as I find it really fillings.
Had something from the all day breakfast menu. Came out really good. Just as I expected. the bacon was perfect. The bread very fresh. The greens are alright - needs more dressing. The coffee was good and not too burnt. The eggs were great too. Nothing to fault here. Couldn\'t wait to dig in! Service is lacklustre, which is surprising. Love the freshness of Cedele\'s foods. While you\'re here, definitely have to get some bread to go as well as they are so fresh and smell so wonderful. No preservatives or other nasties. Very good quality European breads. Highly recommended for the food.
Lovely fluffy pancakes! So far the best pancakes I\'ve had in Singapore! Thick and fluffy. With real blueberries, sausage and maple syrup and butter! Yum! Could not ask for more. Definitely the only place to go to for excellent pancakes. The service is really bad - slow, unhelpful, confused, disorganised and nonchalant. But the good food makes up for it. Rather expensive to eat at Cedele\'s but the food\'s just too good! Fresh and wholesome. Definitely get some cakes to go too! The place is badly organised and even the seating is really bad and uncomfortable. Otherwise, just focus on the good food and that\'ll save the day. Recommended for the great food.
Personally, I like the decor of the place, furnished in wooden tables and chairs with some comfy sofa seats as an alternative. Menu was quite comprehensive with additional brunch options. We had: Bubbles & Squeak ($14.80) - I have no idea why its called what its called. It was onions, mushrooms, and potato cakes, and 3 patties of it. The description says its \'pancakes\' and technically its not wrong but still I found it a little misleading. Not too bad for the taste with the cakes nicely browned outside and the insides still hot and fresh, but can be less oily as the otoil gets to you after 3 patties of the same thing. Served with a side of salad. Blueberry Pancakes ($13.80) - Nice! 2 pieces of fluffy pancakes with real blueberries, so you get the natural sweetness of the berries on top of the aroma of the pancakes. Served with 2 short sausages which was quite bland actually. Pomegranate tea ($4.50) - Light and very fragrant, a very good alternative to coffee! The place started to fill up about 1pm onwards but generally still a getaway from the usual Taka crowd. Good place to catch up with friends but beware of clueless staff. Worth a place to revisit as the cupcakes on the shleves looked very very tantalising.
It was my first visit to Cedele, and I think I\'m totally in love with it. I have chosen golden pumpkin roll for my Three-some Hoagie sandwich, which consists of turkey, ham & bacon with melted Mozzarella cheese, housemade Italian dressing on the side, mayo, lettuce & tomato.The sauce tastes so good, the mayo and the homemade dressing just go so well together, and the staffs are pretty generous on the meat too Golden pumpkin roll is slightly toasted, it has the combination of good texture and with good flavour, thumbs up!
I always enjoy a good gourmet sandwich and Cedele Depot is one of those with fine quality and servings are generous too. My favourite two items are the Rosemary Chicken and the Chicken with Avocado on my favouritepumpkin seed bread. And often they use chicken breast and yet they are not tough but tender and juicy, and I really love the Rosemary Chicken sandwich especially they put in these sweeten cherries in the midst of it and it tastes awesome! It costs $7 for a sandwich. I love their cakes too, especially their carrot cake and the pavalova.Spending: Approximately SGD 7
Craving for desserts, I ordered two muffins from Cedele at Mapletree Business City. It costs around $6 for two muffins take-away. I ordered the blueberry and chocolate with walnut flavor. They taste great without being too sweet but the flavor was present. The service staff was friendly when serving us. It was a quick but good experience.Spending: Approximately SGD 6(Tea)
Cedele is a nice cafe to chill. I ve their carrot walnut cake which is a very nunique combination and the walnuts are in quite a generous portion. The cake neither leaves you feeling to sick nor bloated after consuming a slice. Cedele also has very friendly staff that recommends the signature items of the cafe. Great place to hang out at!
Went there to have my take away for the soup set at $7.50 this morning. Ordered the Curry Pumpkin Soup - creamy pumpkin soup with curry spices not too powerful but very nice and found some soft pumpkins in my soup which is very seldom as they normally blend their pumpkin and apples to a very smooth paste. As i\'m staying in for lunch,i intended to take half for breadfast at my office and keep the other half for lunch but to heat up the soup,we have to transfer the soup into a microwaveable container as their container is not microwaveable. They also give you a take away bag to contain your breads. Freshly baked breads and i cutted and helped myself to the wholemeal wheat breads and lots of it to last me through breakfast and lunch....
My friend and I walked around after 11.30 a.m. at my workplace,so it made us tired and thirsty! After that we interested for a lunch at Cedele for taking a break of work. Coffee.. (for the caffeine addict hehe), so my friend needs a coffee in the afternoon! I had something on Cedele Own Teas, so I tried Red Rooibos Tea together with Free flow bread because we got place an order for soup. Sea Bass Tomato Coulis is Grilled Sea Bass with Red Pepper Tomato Coulis, on a bed of grilled Eggplants. Carbo-free Dish. Didn\'t take much pictures because we are all too hungry and filling our tummies was the primary objective! As my conclusion, Cedele, is my favourite dining place! I\'m so in love with the food at Cedele! Fell crazily in love with Cedele from the very first mouth I bit into my Sea Bass Tomato Coulis. The other good reason is that there\'s a branch that\'s only a 10 minutes\' walk from my work place. I want to try the other vegetarian alternative sandwich, which is the grilled vegetables chutney sandwich and buy a small roll of my favourite organic wholewheat raisin walnut bread during the next visit at Takashimaya.Spending: Approximately SGD 20.00(Lunch)
i surprised my girlfriend with this at her workplace. I was on half day leave and was waiting for her to end work, while walking around, I spotted these delicious looking cupcakes. Not knowing which flavor she likes, I bought a couple for her to choose and I can help to eat as well. The cupcakes were very nicely decorated. Taste wise, it is superb, in the end, she liked them all. We both enjoyed ourselves finishing up the cupcakes.
The cakes from cedele never disappoint me and I always like to order their whole cake to celebrate birthday for aunties and uncles as it was not too sweet so it really suit their taste. This is the first time i eat their bread and I think their bread tastes as healthy as their cake. It does not taste so buttery as compare to other confectionery shop so I feel really guilt free after eating . Worth the try.
My friend brought me to this place and said they served healthy sandwiches and the bread that they sell is really tasty. The concept is somehow like Subways, as we can choose the choice of our bread. Cedele distinguished from other sandwiches bar as they sells soup, coffees, loaf of breads and have breakfast menu. I ordered a creamy chicken mushroom soup and a huge rosemary chicken sandwich! I couldn\'t remembered if i ordered the wholemeal or organic bread. All i could remember was i ordered the one with sunflower seeds!hehe! While my friend ordered a pumpkin soup and a tuna sandwich- couldnt remember which bread she order too. The portion was big and it was really healthy. My hands doesnt feel oily after finishing up my sandwich using my hands to eat. But my soup was too starchy and i feel gelate after finishing half of the big bowl. Definitely a good choice to dine at when you feel health conscious. Would go back to try the wide variety of sandwiches again! (:Spending: Approximately SGD 15(Breakfast)
How I wish more cafes would serves all-day breakfast! I\'m sure that I\'m not the only one in a love affair with breakfast food. Give me toast, waffles and scrambled eggs any time during time and I\'m bound to be satisfied. A couple of weeks ago, I happened to pass by Raffles City when I remembered that there was an All-Day Dining Cedele outlet at Level 3 which serves All-Day Breakfast, everyday. I know this sounds unusual, but I knew I had to have Wild Blueberry Pancakes for dinner! Wild Blueberry Pancakes with sausages ($12.90++) Cedele\'s pancakes were the softest, most fluffy ones that I\'ve ever had. Although I\'m a sucker for thick pancakes, the texture of the pancakes served here were so delightful, I didn\'t mind their thinness. The pancakes came generously studded with tangy, juicy blueberries which didn\'t really appeal to my sweet tooth. Thankfully there was a saucer of (authentic!) maple syrup to counter their tartness. Also included in the set was a couple of snappy and well-fried sausages, as well as a small portion of salad leaveswas included as well, for a refreshing dose of fibre and vitamins. I certainly wouldn\'t mind coming back for more of those fluffy pancakes!
This friend of mine is a good eater, no matter how much she eats, she won’t put on weigh, really envy her.We have our dinner already and by the time we reached this place around 8+pm. We just wanted to have cake and tea for each person.There were not so many cakes choices.Probably it was a bit late.They serve down to the earth type of cakes, unlike the Japanese version, pretty to the eyes and really tempting presentation. Taking a hard time to choose the type of cake for us, we finally chose carrot cake and a chocolate cup cake and pot of tea each.We shared the cakes.If I was not wrong, they used butter cream instead of fresh cream.Both cakes were at room temperature, cream was ALMOST melt and runny.It was the type of cream I would not appreciate.It gave me the gluey texture which I found it hard to swallow.It could be individual case, other patrons may not have the same feeling or problem as me!If anyone who like the retro type of cakes, this is the place for them but me. Spending: Approximately SGD 8(Tea)
My friends and I went to cedele to celebrate my birthday. Instead of a cake, they bought me these cute and adorable muffins for me ( they bought a few of them). They look too nice to be eaten and they taste really good. If you are a fan of chocolate, try this! Because they are so rich in chocolate that you will end up asking for more water like me. The soup is highly recommended, especially if you are having your brunch or intending to have a light meal. The soup is not too thick, and just nice for most of us. It comes with bread so you can have your complete breakfast/brunch/lunch here. Try it!
Heard many many of my friends mention that the carrot cake here is amazing. Truth be told, it is! The pricing is rather steep but the quality makes up for it. The walnuts are extremely fresh over here, crispy with every crunch. The texture of the cream on the cake is not similar to those of whipped cream but of a more solid form. The cream by itself has a little vanilla taste and is sweet. The cake is a more rugged sponge like with raisins within the cake. Try this on for size if you have some indulgence for western carrot cakes!Spending: Approximately SGD 6
I have always wanted to try the hot food at Cedele, that being the main courses, soups, sandwiches and salads, and I still have not till now. I did try the cupcake here the other night though. We craved for dessert after dinner at Chili\'s and decided to pop by Cedele for some cakes. Their cupcakes are so cute. There are many fanciful ones, some decorated with m&m\'s, some with colorful stars icing pieces.. I went for the classic dark chocolate cupcake with chocolate frosting and chocolate bits. Pretty presentation but I was a little disappointed with the taste as it didn\'t taste as good as it looked. The cake wasn\'t moist enough and the taste didn\'t shine, it was just very ordinary. Also, the chocolate taste wasn\'t rich enough.Spending: Approximately SGD 5(Night Snack)
If you are looking to have a healthy meal, head down to Cedele. If you are thinking healthy = subway, i wouldnt say you are wrong. You can choose the type of bread you, what kind of sandwich you would like or to have soup and what not. Definitely price-ier than your usual Subway but hey, this is a cafe dining, not a fast food place. If you wanna talk service, I would say dont count it. Sure they may greet you and all but it\'s so fake that you just cringe. What you need to do...go to Cedele (if you must), grab a quick bite there, feel healthy and off you go. You may find yourself not coming back because 1) it\'s not really value for money, 2) the food\'s not all that fantastic, 3) even the cookies arent all that great! Spending: Approximately SGD 15(Lunch)
Cedele work towards serving foods that are healthy yet enjoying the good food and I think they have achieve it. A reason to patronize Cedele is because (they use organic unrefined sugar in their cakes instead of normal one = healthy) Service was efficient and polite.Ordered this carrot cake (might sounds wierd if you have been eating the chinese one for long period). The thick-layered creamy cheese frosting on top of the carrot cake was sweet, but not to the extent. (It was just nice) Bad point is : the quantity is not generous. overall : simply awesome except for the quantity though
I had the roast chicken and avacado Sandwich. The chicken is tender and succulent and it\'s a perfect match with the avacado. It\'s a huge portion for one lady…I guess the size is just ok for guys The cafe latte is ok. Refreshing caffeine fix to go with the meal.
This is a really really tiny place. And not easy to find unless you are going to that exact spot. It\'s in the corner, next to the traffic light with lots of cars and construction all around. It is not advisable to sit alfresco. Everytime I\'ve been to Cedele, I\'ve only had their sweet stuff like cakes, tarts, breads... maybe one day I\'ll dare try their savoury stuff... Anyway, the ambience of this place is really weird... because it\'s so small and in an awkward place. People do walk by but always in a hurry. If you like paying inflated prices for tarts, cakes and breads, and even drinks, then this is the place. But the quality of their sweet stuff is pretty good. I really enjoy their breads which are fresher and unique compared to more "commercial" and "mass-produced" breads... You can fill your bread with whatever you want... The service isn\'t exactly friendly or happy... maybe this place is too isolated... Recommended for a hideaway, food quality and if you like to pay high prices. Not recommended for service or noisy/busy/dusty location... Not much variety here either because the shop is SO SMALL. No pictures of food since they didn\'t like it and there wasn\'t much to photograph anyway! Lighting was really poor too.
Had the whole carrot whalnut cake with cream cheese. Could have eaten the whole cake in one day! It was sooo amazing. Just the perfect sweetness, flavour and creaminess. Not oily, not sickening. No artificial anything. Everything perfectly compliments each other. The cake texture was perfect! The nuts were not stale and the taste was so well-balanced! Very fresh cream. Very generous with the nuts, the carrots and the cream! Yay!! Simply the best best best carrot walnut cake in Singapore! Highly recommended for the cake. A bit pricey but the quality is premium. Service is friendly and efficient. Have to order 3 days in advance for whole cakes. So far, we haven\'t found any other cake we like at this place, but the pavlovas are pretty good although very pricey. Convenient location. Could have this cake everyday!! Goes extremely well with coffee, tea or juice!
Cedele, a familiar name which has several branches across the island and it has restaurant, bakery and cafe concepts. Stopped by to satisfy the tummy\'s calling for cakes! The Mixed FruitPavlova never fails to attract me whenever I walk past a cedele cafe. The sheer imagination of fresh fruits atop meringue got me going. Finally, I sat down and decided to give it a try. The Pavlova was slightly above average, the fruits were really fresh but the meringue was not too bad. Had the carrot cake which tasted really good. It is one of the great cakes recommended by many! The chocolate cake was not bad too except that the cocoa powder had me choking when I first put it into my mouth. Cedele strives for its consumers to eat well and be well by having no trans fats in the foods which is really important as all of us seek a healthy llifestyle these days. They go organic too with their breads. Sinful Desserts but half the sin gone! Spending: Approximately SGD 6
I was there for dinner with 4 more friends. we ordered a curry chicken soup ...taste interested,never tried that before but the taste was still acceptable...a wild mushroom soup...was good, seafood rissotto...was good and portion is pretty huge...seafood portion is generous, a rosemary herb chicken...not too bad, a black pepper soft shelf crab pasta...its nice but prefer to be more spicy and a chilli soft shellcrab pasta...was delicious We also have some chocolate truffles and cakes for desserts Service is good ... staff are helpful with the menu of choices...and our ice water are refilled without requesting.
Most of us are familiar with Cedele. They had been around for quite a long time, serving delicious and healthy food . Enjoy healthy sandwiches, pastas, mains and desserts here without any guilt. Their tagline ” eat well be well” fully agrees.

Cedele is the place that I would gladly return for their food as there were great selection of food choices and most importantly, my greens!

The 4 main Cedele outlets – Raffles city, Ngee Ann City, Wheelock Place and Great World City features a different menu . They have a much variety of food choices compared to the other Cedele outlets which focus more on Sandwiches and Desserts.

Seabass & Shrimp Tango ($15.80++)

This was offered as the Salad grill section where every set comes with a large serving of salad leaves.The set comes with a generous seabass fillet , 4 grilled shrimps (prawns) and a huge portion of salad leaves. The grilled seabass was nicely grilled with paprika powder, seabass has got a natural ”muddy” taste but generally I think this is quite alright.The grilled shrimps were firm but was rather tasteless to me. I enjoyed the salad leaves with the orange whole-grain mustard which has a tangy and refreshing taste which greatly whet my appetite.

Apple tart with a scoop of sea salt caramel ice-cream ($8.50++)
I had an apple tart with a scoop of sea-salt caramel ice-cream. The apple tart is recommended to pair with the vanilla bean ice-cream but the sea-salt caramel flavour is a crowd pleaser. I wasn’t informed that the sea-salt caramel ice-cream contains almonds and nuts.I had to spilt out the almond bits which was rather a unglam scene (leaving the spitted almond bits on the plate). The caramel flavour was light though. The apple tart was warmed and filled with slices of caramelised green apple. I wished that the base was crunchy though.

Since I didn’t actually ”enjoyed” the sea-salt caramel ice-cream, I decided to try the Pear raisin wine sorbet. The pear raisin sorbet was not too sweet and has a tinge of liqueur in it , enjoyed this.

Overall: Cedele certainly did not disappoint me in terms of their quality of food. I can happily indulge in my veggies, desserts and food without guilt!

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