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Dallas Restaurant & Bar
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Dallas Restaurant & Bar

Dallas is a contemporary bar/bistro concept located at Singapore's lively Boat Quay stretch that offers an exquisite variety of culinary delights, a full bar, a great selection of the finest handpicked wines, and a top floor that's now available for events. A populat hangout for Singaporeans, expatriates and tourists alike, Dallas is the perfect choice whether you fancy a mouthwatering lunch, an unforgettable dinner, or after-work drinks and a well-earned wind down with your colleagues.

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  • Wines by the Glass
  • Champagnes and Sparkling Wines
  • White Wines by the Bottle
  • Red Wines by the Bottle


  • Soup of the Day
  • Dallas BBQ Wings
  • Classic Caesar Salads
  • Cobb Salads
  • Southern Burger
  • Chicken Avocado Parmigiana
  • Roast Chicken and Penne Pasta
  • Fajitas

31 Boat Quay 049820
Tel : 6532 2131
3 Temasek Boulevard 038983
Tel : 6333 4068
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My cousin treat is for his birthday here and the Food were generous on their serving. Roast Striploin with Black Peppercorn Corn is a real treat. Lots of drinks to choose from. The staff is courteous and friendly. Definitely ...coming back for more!
Went there to celebrate girlfriend's birthday.
Me and my friends decided to order the half chicken from Dallas. It looks and tastes really good. The portion is a little too much though. It can actually be shared between two. The chicken is not too dry but there is little juice from the half chicken. I would prefer their chicken wings which has more juice in them. The fries are the thick kind without salt which I love
Me and my friends decided to try out Dallas one evening.The sea view is good and relaxing. We ordered a couple of items including the chicken wings. The chicken wings are crispy on the outside but they are not fried. And the meat inside is tender and juicy. It is not over dried. Delicious!
The first floor of the place is taken up by the bar while the second floor is the restaurant dining area, which can seat up to about 50 pax or so. Decor is minimalistic with little frills, but the rather smallish interior made for a cozier atmosphere. There is a third floor as well but I believe its reserved for private functions. Salt & Pepper Calamari - The calamari was very decent when consumed piping hot but when left to cool, the oil in the thick batter solidified and saying it was gross would be an understatement. Chicken & Cheese Quesadillas - I thought this dish resonated quite well with me, falling pretty much into the comfort food category. Gooey cheese with chicken bits and a nice chewy texture from the dough - what\'s not to like Shredded Pork Tacos - As appetising as they looked, I found the pork tacos wanting in flavour and texture. The pork\'s texture reminded me more of sardine then pork and it honestly didn\'t taste like pork. Still edible though. Tempura Barramundi - The tempura batter was too thick and to make things worse, the fish wasn\'t fresh. Imagine chomping down on a piece of flour with a fishy aftertaste. A heavy dosage of lemon would definitely help. Dallas Wings - The wings took the honours for being the worst dish of the day in my humble opinion. There was zero marination and the flour coating was tasteless as well. A dash of salt would have done wonders. There was also the problem of inconsistency in cooking. Some pieces of chicken were overcooked while others were okay. Baby Back Pork Ribs Done in 3 Ways - Fiery, Alabama and Smoked Hickory BBQ - The fiery ribs were very sweet and garlicky with a mild spice twist at the end. Tender meat was definitely a plus. I thought that the smoked ribs were overwhelmed by the BBQ sauce and the meat wasn\'t as tender as I would have liked it to be. Strangely enough, the Alabama ribs were more spicy then the fiery ribs and came across as sweet and garlicky as well. Beef Fajitas - The beef was purportedly 100-120 day grain fed beef and though the meat was noticeably tender, any hopes of a nice beefy taste was ruined by the excessive curry powder, which was a pity really. The guacamole and sour cream dips provided scant comfort. Breaded Mushrooms - Dish after dish of deep fried stuff. When it got to the breaded mushrooms, I was all ready to regurgitate everything out. Fortunately, the mushrooms were still decent. A little juicy with hints of cheese within. Watch out for the thick batter though. And in case you were wondering about my missing corn & crab fritters, it never came. Our table had to remind the waitress twice and the host once before the Alabama ribs arrived. So it was a unanimous decision not to bring up the case of the corn fritters to them, lest we had to wait for another 30mins. Each of us coughed up about $27 for below average cholesterol laden pub grub, which is probably not the wisest thing to do. Service could have been much better and they seemed rather short handed. The place is nice and great for gatherings but something drastic has to be done about the quality of the food. Reasons like food quality dipping due to a huge turnout just doesn\'t cut any ice. Well at least the owner was nice enough to drop by to address our concerns about the food.
This is a nice restaurant for a date with a good ambience and can look at the Singapore river and the beauty of the CBD area at night. I went there on a Friday so the bar was already pretty packed and the restaurant at the 2nd level also started filling up as dinner time approached. I ordered the baby back pork ribs and it was served with seasoned wedges and red cabbage slaw. The pork ribs were fantastic as it was very well flavoured by the sauce. The meat was tantalizing soft and it just addicts you with every bite. I am not a potato lover so I was really impressed by the wedges. The seasoning on the wedges certainly attracted my taste bud and they were really crispy. I loved coleslaw and the red cabbage slaw did not disappoint me. It was crunchy and sweet. The service was really good too as the waiter responds to my request immediately. This is really a good place for nice food, environment and ambience.
My husband and I used to hang out at Dallas Resto-Bar Boat Quay, because we have a friend who work as a trainee. And yes! of course ! We have a discount every time we dine in but only if my friend is on duty. Anyway,Dallas is a very nice place with a friendly staff. I think Dallas is more popular as chill out place when you want to unwind and when you want to drink after work or with a friend. Every time we dine in their we always see a couple of people who\'s always their to have fun, relax and drink. I\'m not sure if every week or every month they changed their set menu offer and they also have a good offer for their wines.. We only tried their burgers which is a bit huge for only 1 person.. I love their Calamaris because its so different like the other Calamaris that you can buy anywhere. Theyhave a very good bartender, he mix the drinks very well. They also have a function room and they accept booking for any events or wedding. You can check their set menu, great offers or you can book online here. www.dallas.sg Spending: Approximately SGD 20.00(Dinner)
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