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Masters Of The Universe
Viewed by 450,000 Users. Written by Russell Hancock, Rus2. The dog has become the king of his domain and the master of his universe

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A Day In The Life
Viewed by 368,000 Users. Written by Matt Morgan, Mat6 & Albert Alexander, Alb. This aside, I believe it was what I was born to do. I love all of my dogs as if they were my own and they are all so happy to be able to play with eachother, it makes everything worth while.

A Little Piece Of Heaven
Viewed by 368,000 Users. Written by Only For Pet Lovers, Onl & Barry Tipton, Bar7. Can we do any less than honor his choice by finding a place in our hearts to help those that depend upon us, to give of our time, our money, and our faith that no more of Gods creatures suffer needl...

The Life Of Bees
Viewed by 201,000 Users. Written by Jack Stanley, Jac6. The survival of the bee hive depends on the hive having a healthy queen that is laying eggs. If something happens to the queen the hive will die

Golden Retriever For Sale
Viewed by 110,000 Users. Written by Tom Attea, Tom & John Philips, Joh27. The gator basher seemed quite jovial about treating the toothy challenger like a punching bag

Get Rid Of Flies
Viewed by 90,500 Users. Written by Jamie Simpson, Jam21. - Wash bins regularly and keep lids closed at all times- Never leave food lying around unwrapped and exposed to the open air- Clean up spillages, crumbs and left over food immediately- Dont leave pet...
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How To Stop Dog
Viewed by 90,500 Users. Written by Brandon Roe, Bra7 & B.l. Hill, B.l. So there you have it, some simple solutions to help get rid of annoying dog scratching. Your dog will be wagging his tail again in no time!

Ants Get Rid Of
Viewed by 74,000 Users. Written by John Richards, Joh28. It is believed that this is for humidity control rather than any aesthetic purpose!If your ant farm is built of two plates, then the ants are restricted to 2 dimensions and therefore the pattern of t...

Make Men Love You
Viewed by 74,000 Users. Written by Ron Petracek, Ron4 & Ron King, Ron3. However, you need to keep all of this information to yourself because if your wife finds out that you are out to beat her in the show pen you can bet that you will be sleeping on the couch or in the...

Pet Supplies And Accessories
Viewed by 74,000 Users. Written by Stephen Pappalau, Ste10 & Alice Stacy, Ali2. One advantage of online shopping is that you can check out several websites to compare stuff and prices with just few clicks. Online prices are also very competitive and some even provide you with free shipping if you meet their minimum order...

The 40 Year Old Virgin
Viewed by 74,000 Users. Written by Kristin Gabriel, Kri4. There are special websites for virtual online pet memorial products such as cremation pet urns and grave markers so that people have the opportunity to honor their pets, which helps us through our gri...

How To Train A Dog
Viewed by 60,500 Users. Written by Paul P. Duxbury, Pau10 & Realart, Rea. If these simple steps are kept in mind, your pets training should be an easy task with many rich rewards. Enjoy your pet and make your bond stronger while training with these three principles
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How To Fix Car
Viewed by 49,500 Users. Written by Adam Katz, Ada3. Take lots of breaks at pit stops and take the dog out and play with him. Soon hell associate that the car represents a precursor to play and fun.Thats all for now, folks!Adam

In My Heart Forever
Viewed by 49,500 Users. Written by Kate Loving Shenk, Kat2. These Dogs are Gods.They are beauty in all guises.Words are inadequate but may help you to transform your heart, as you read them, one by one
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Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever
Viewed by 49,500 Users. Written by Gerry Ronson, Ger3. In these cases a complete recovery is not always attainable. Certain dog breeds like German Shepherds and the English Springer Spaniel are more susceptible to severities with the disease

The Hound Of The Baskervilles
Viewed by 49,500 Users. Written by Stephenmorgan, Ste11. So in reality the above description hardly fits the bill of the large savage beast that inspired an entire story by Conan-Doyle but since when has the truth ever got in the way of a good story?

How To Know Pregnant
Viewed by 40,500 Users. Written by Dr. Hassany Ummar, Dr.4. If your nursery room is not warm enough, you can warmer it by wrapping a heating pad in a towel, setting it on low, and placing it under one half of the nursery bed. This allows the mother and kittens to move away from the heat source if they...

Its Hard To Say Goodbye
Viewed by 40,500 Users. Written by Kathy Davison, Kat6 & Fris Arbes, Fri. It is then that I will have to put my own needs aside. I will allow myself time to grieve and not feel ashamed and most of all I will know that I did my best for Rex

Pet Supplies Dog Collars
Viewed by 40,500 Users. Written by Elyse Grau, Ely. If you are planning on getting a new dog or cat, it is wise to have all the necessary pet supplies on hand before you bring the animal home

To Get Rid Of Ants
Viewed by 40,500 Users. Written by Jeanie Smith, Jea3 & Chris Stanley, Chr11. This should destroy off all insects and Queens.There are just a few ways of removing of ants

A Butterfly Life Cycle
Viewed by 33,100 Users. Written by Karen Elise Nowak, Kar3. Each animal in our life brings lessons, challenges, and the purity of their love and spirit. What a gift we give to each other and to ourselves, when we say goodbye, filled and surrounded by love

Dog House How To
Viewed by 33,100 Users. Written by Douglas Hanna, Dou4. 99 for the large. A thermo throw will normally cost about 73 for the large size.In other words, it wont cost you an arm and a leg to keep that best friend snug and comfortable all winter
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Dog Right For Me
Viewed by 33,100 Users. Written by Sam, Sam & Michael Brown, Mic3. This way, youll beable to groom and train your pet in the right manner. There would be trial anderrors in the whole process. Be sure that you are mentally and physically fitfor the challenge.

Fleas How To Get Rid Of
Viewed by 33,100 Users. Written by Jean Morgan -, . At nighttime, simply fill a few bowls of plain water and place them underneath a lit flashlight. It is said that the fleas will be attracted to the light, jump into the water and drown

How To Dog House
Viewed by 33,100 Users. Written by Stephen Dolan, Ste7 & Adam Manke, Ada4. Additionally, ensure that the dog house youve made is stable and will withstand the elements before putting your dog in it for the night
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