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About Us

Evershine Corporation Pte Ltd was established in 1961 by its Chairman, Mr. Wu Yang San in Singapore - even before Singapore achieved independence. Today, Evershine is Singapore’s longest established surface provider, supplying an extensive range of High Pressure Laminates, Polymer Composite Materials and Solid Surface Materials-to interior designers and renovation contractors.

At Evershine-The Inner Space Surfacing Specialist, you are ensured of Reliability through Availability.

Products & Services

From the comfort of your office to the cosy of your home. We spend so much time indoors: loving, playing, resting, working, living… But if you stop to think about it, do you think about being indoors at all?

With Evershine, your Inner Space Surfacing Specialist, you can take being indoors for granted. Be it a captain’s cabin, a chef’s kitchen, or a magnate’s bedroom - no matter the definition of your inner space, Evershine will have the quality surface for it. Our extensive range of solutions includes High Pressure Laminates, Polymer Composite Materials and Solid Surface Materials.

Remember being in that one place, at the one point in time? Recreate the feeling with any product from our following ranges:

World of Laminates

Run the length of your floor, cabinet, or ceiling even, with World of Laminates - a high pressure laminate that is deceptively beautiful, yet robust. Experience the amazing dexterity of the range. From a sterile American laboratory, to an upbeat Italian kitchen, to a warm Oriental abode… World of Laminates surfaces your inner space. Every square inch of it.


Step all over. Lean against. Take control, with your FUTURE. With an extensive range of designs and colours to choose from, laminate your inner space with the latest trends. FUTURE - the quality laminate by Evershine that consistently gives you a longer yard for your buck.


Bring into your inner space the natural beauty of stone. GLORIA, your Solid Surface Material that mirrors nature’s beauty, cladding your inner space to perfection. Flow down the seamless wall to backsplash. Roll along the flawless countertop. Indulge in the sense of satisfaction from knowing GLORIA’s secret - immense versatility with low maintenance and cost.



19 Gul Way 629195
Tel : 6897 8888
19 Gul Way 629195
Tel : 6897 8888
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