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About Us


FixALL Computers Pte Ltd formerly known as FixALL Computer Connection was established in 1998, making us pioneers in computer repairs and services.

The company, headed by director Faisal Achmed Angullia has grown and established itself. The ever changing IT industry has churned us to cope with various challenges, whilst delivering the best at the same time. Our competency to support numerous customers' demands has made us who we are today.

Our expertise range from simple DIY machines to complex systems. In addition, we provide professional system integration, after sales support, IT web solutions to all industries.

Moreover, we help our customers maximise the value of IT by advising on strategy, deploying, and integrating most appropriate tecnologies, and last not least, managing elements of their infrastructures. At every stage, we help our customers to minimise the cost and maximise the business value of their company.

Benefits of choosing FixALL

  • Flexibility to choose from an extensive range of network hardware and software we also supply and install printers,copiers and fax machine.
  • Manufacturer independence ensuring recommendations meet your exact project requirements.
  • Best practice service and support.
  • Experienced consultants who also benefit from strategic relationships with industry leading vendors.
  • Ongoing testing and troubleshooting minimising downtime.

At FixALL, we strive to provide the best in customer service experience, enticing you personally!


FixALL isn't just a computer company. We support the green industry. By extending the life of computers and computer equipment, we are helping to build the foundation for sustainable technology.

The refurbishing and reuse of technology has an even smaller carbon footprint than the recycling of it. Being a trusted dealer in technology refurbishing, asset recovery, and managed end-of-life logistics has allowed us to make a substantial impact on the quantity of e-waste that our partners would otherwise produce; a contribution we are proud of.

Go green and save our planet. Together we make a difference!

Products & Services


Product Supply

We source the most appropriate and cost-effective technology from a wide portfolio of major vendors, built, customize and deploy it according to our client's needs.

As our trading services, we provide resellers with hardware, and accessories with a good price in the market. Furthermore, we also provide trade-in service for our customers who prefer to trade their old computer to get better set.

We deal in the selling, trade-in and upgrading of:

  • DIY systems
  • Prominent brand systems, for example Compaq, Acer, Dell, IBM and HP amongst others
  • Sale of Canon, Brother and HP printer cartridges/toners
  • Sale of parts and other computer peripherals
Also available is a wide range of branded and reliable refurbished desktops, laptops and printers for sale and trade-in. Check our online shop now

To find out more, call us on 65 63453880 or email to support@fixall.com.sg to discuss the right installation for your business.


At FixALL, we have deep understanding of the industries that we work in, strong technical competencies and a good track record. With our proven methodologies and ethical practices, our customers get tailor made, quality solutions that meet their pressing business demands.

Innovative and flexible, we go the extra mile to fully understand our customers’ real needs to create business value for them. This sets us apart from others and makes us your ideal partner.

We offer special deals, from small business setups to maintenance of networks and servers for large organization.

FixALL has built strong partner relationships with major vendors in order to bring the best solutions for our clients. We utilize these partnership to keep our process and knowledge at the highes level across all paradigms to allow FixALL to make proper decisions with our clients for their advantages.


Did you know that having monthly computer maintenance carried out can save your business from computer problems?

Whether you hvae an existing IT support contract in place or not you could be benefiting now by using our best computer maintenace services. We can FixALL your PC's problems from the simple such as viruses, spyware and ad-ware to the most advanced potential problems. We also can help you to improve the performance of your PC's by uninstallation of unnecessary programs that running in the background that make your PC slow plus much more. CALL FixALL now to found out how we can help you to save your business for long term.

Computers are used regularly and you may run into problems if you do not carry out regular computer maintenance. Problems which may arise due to the lack of sufficient computer maintenance include:

  • Computer slows down
  • Computer freezes
  • Files and programs take forever to open
Benefits of Maintenance Package:
  • Scheduled On-Site maintenance for checking systems
  • Prevent to any impending failure
  • Optional back-up for data and email
  • Optional cloning data for quick data restoration
  • Monitoring systems to identify and prevent any potential problems
  • Priority service queue and fast response for company / corporate users
  • Unlimited email and phone support during operating hours
  • Long term cost savings for prevent failures
  • As part of maintenance package, professional advice to IT matters is free or charge
Contact FixALL now to find out how a computer maintenance contract will help ensure that the computer systems and networks in your company are kept running properly.
Check available packages here

We can assess your computer maintenance needs and provide an evaluation of the existing computer system and offer IT advice on how to improve the efficiency, security and performance with a full list of recommended hardware and software.FixALL offer more than just computer maintenance, we aim to be a one stop shop for all IT needs. Whatever your IT needs, we will provide you with reliable computer maintenance.

Types of maintenance and repairs offered are as follows:

  • FixALL Pre-Paid Hours. Check available packages here
  • Diagnostics
  • Software and hardware repairs
  • Recovery Data, data back up,and transfer
  • Hardware Maintenance and Hard Drive Maintenance - Deletion of temporary files/ Defragmentation
  • IT Security - Firewalls and Anti-virus software - latest Norton security software includng virus removal

Data Recovery:

Worry not, all is not lost through the following services:

  • Customised recovery
  • Disk reformatting
  • Virus contamination clean up
  • Software corruption clean up
  • Mechanical hard drive failures
  • Platter damage / head crash - Deleted files and partitions

We even offer mobile on-site services, at your convenience!

Our services centre is conveniently located along Changi Road and is just a short walk from Kembangan MRT Station (EW6).


Website Services:

You can make and grow your presence on-line by making a professionally designed website that is:

  • Impressive
  • Well displayed with good navigation systems
  • Appealing with nice color scheme
  • Elegant with good graphics
  • Fast loading

A real website requires good effort and time to complete. Every work requires a research in that Industry. First of all we have to analysis your position on the internet against your competitors. By taking the good qualities of successful websites in your industry, we will be able to make your website distinct, unique and successful.

Normally, other web designing companies are depending on templates (ready made designs) for making websites and they never consider search engines, because, it is easy to complete the work in this way. But, we make each websites customizable and from scratch so that your website will never resemble to another one. Our goal is to make a visitor's into a buyer.

We work with you to project your business and to reach your goals online. To achieve the layout inline with your ideas, we first make the initial design, which you can review for color, layout, graphics, and overall presentation. Then we refine the design making changes based on your suggestions.

For making unique websites to boost your business, please contact our web developer on 65-63453880 or email us tosupport@fixall.com.sg

We also provide services as follows:

  • Web Development (Basic Design and Customized Design)
  • Email and Web hosting
  • Website Maintenance, including Content Insertion and Update
  • CMS (Content Management System) Web Development with Joomla
  • Online Shop and Catalogue


INKE Ink Cartridge Refill Service Available Here!
Check out the brands of cartridges available for refill below:



- Maintenance and Repairs

- On-Site Corporate Services

- Website Design and Development (including customized design, CMS)

- Ads Design

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