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Significance of Pink Roses
by: Nuraishah

When you look at a pink rose, you will feel a surge of happiness and pure delight that can only be explained by the flawless and delicate beauty of it.

Pink roses are a pleasure to look at, boast a heavenly smell and have a depth of meaning behind its demure exterior.

Although roses in general can be used to express varying degrees of love and gratitude, the pink rose is the most dominant in symbolizing these attributes.

We have an excellent spread of pink roses here at FlowerAdvisor. It would be useful and interesting to note the true significance behind the delicate pink rose.

Pink roses in mythology
It is said in Greek mythology that after unfairly attaining the right to be the protector of women, Rhoanthe was turned into a pink rose by the God Apollo. In view of this circumstance, pink roses were said to have symbolized pain, extreme suffering and even death.

However, as time goes on, the meaning behind pink roses has evolved significantly.

Modern meaning of pink roses
Today, pink roses no longer have negative connotations to them. The pink rose is now a symbol of a new romance that has yet to bloom into full passion. Pink roses can also be used to signify joy and sweet affection, as well as wishing luck upon others.

Graceful and elegant, pink roses can be divided into two categories light pink roses and dark pink roses.

It is said that light pink roses symbolizes gentleness and admiration and they can also be used to express sympathy.

Dark pink roses however are the very symbols of gratitude and appreciation. It is said that by tradition, dark pink roses were sent as an expression of thanks.

The pink rose Symbol of motherly love
It is interesting to note that the most traditional connotation of pink roses is of a mother's love for her child. A story has it that when Mary first saw her son Jesus carrying the cross to which he would later be crucified, she shed a tear.

That tear fell on the barren ground and from that very tear, grew the very first and most perfect pink rose.

Perhaps, this is why in the Talmud, it is written that only pink roses are allowed to bloom in Jerusalem and as a result, pink roses have come to be a symbol of paradise as well.

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About The Author

This article is written by Nuraishah from Streetdirectory Singapore.

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