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Significance of Yellow Roses
by: Nuraishah

Bright yellow roses are simply a delightful sight. Happy and cheerful, they seem to light up a room just by their presence.

Here at FlowerAdvisor, we have a lovely collection of yellow roses which will certainly make the day of your loved ones. However before you make a choice of which arrangement you'd like to send to that special someone, let's take a step back and examine the meaning behind these bright blooms.

Yellow roses – a symbol of friendship
Yellow roses are in fact, the traditional flower for friendship. Yellow roses are perfect for expressing platonic love, between friends of different genders. These roses send an appreciative message that is not laced with hopes or hints of romantic notions.

As a symbol of joy and new beginnings
Yellow roses offer a congratulatory tone to celebrate success, new beginnings as well as joyous occasions. This happy vibe that these yellow roses give our makes them a perfect gift for new mothers, newlyweds, graduates as well as co-workers who have gotten a promotion.

Yellow roses within a marriage
Yellow roses given within a marriage signify sweet domesticity and a love that has gotten familiar and comfortable. The giving of yellow roses implies contentment within a marriage and everlasting joy. A symbol of steadfast affection, the yellow roses signify a love that has matured and has reached the highest level of comfort.

Yellow roses as a symbol of freedom
Yellow roses also symbolize freedom. This symbolism is portrayed clearly in a song in which the yellow rose is immortalized. The song is entitled “The Yellow Rose of Texas”.

In this song, a woman named Emily D. West was captured by the Mexican army during the Texas War of Independence. While being held captive, Emily was said to have wooed the Mexican President, who was also the Commander of the Mexican forces.

Her seduction caused the Mexican army to lower their guard and eventually allowed the Texans to claim victory and attain independence as well as freedom.

Negative implications of yellow roses
Although yellow roses are symbols of po siti ve ideas such as freedom, marital bliss and friendship; they can also have negative connotations.

During the early Victoria n Period, yellow roses were known to mean lukewarm affection and jealousy.

A yellow rose could signify infidelity within a relationship. It symbolizes the waning of passion; a relationship that has been reduced to a bloodless love that lacks passion. This analogy could be why yellow roses could also mean farewell.

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About The Author

This article is written by Nuraishah from Streetdirectory Singapore.

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