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Copycat Kfc Chicken Recipe
Many families know you can't please everyone. We have a large family and this is a well known fact to us. From movies, shopping, who sets where, and especially what do you want for dinner. Many times where and what we eat, can cause huge debate.

Have you ever ordered light when eating ou...
Seafood Recipes from Alaska Seafood Recipes from Alaska
By Chris Conklin, Source: Cooking Seafood
You have no doubt been to your local market looking for a good deal on seafood and seen the display case with Farmed tiger shrimp available. Compared to the Spot Shrimp available right now up in Alaska, they are virtually tasteless. I am going to show you how to make an amazing Ceviche utilizing the...
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Top Secret Restaurant Secrets: Uncovering The Secret Top Secret Restaurant Secrets
By John Mash, Source: Gourmet Meat
I sure love eating out at restaurants, it is a shame it is so expensive! When I first heard about a way to "recreate restaurant magic" at home, of course I was skeptical. Much to my surprise, the "secret" recipes that the pro restaurants use are actually available online. The only problem is that th...
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Wine Making For Beginners Wine Making For Beginners
By Matt, Source: Wine Guide
If you are interested in wine making then you need to do a little homework before you get started. Wine making is not something that you can just plunge into and learn along the way, you need to do some research so that you know that you are not missing any vital wine making steps or processes. If y...
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