Coffee Pros and Cons of a First Time Java Date

Grabbing a coffee is a seemingly great date solution for that awkward first date problem. However, there are also some disadvantages to this classic fallback date standard. Keep reading for a breakdown of the benefits and drawbacks of the coffee date.

Benefits of a Coffee Date


The major attraction of a coffee date is that it s casual. No one has to dress up, invest in theatre tickets, schedule a whole night out or commit to a formal evening.

Basically, it s a simple afternoon or evening, and both parties can even meet at a cafe. This kind of non committal, casual feel makes coffee a great choice for first dates, blind dates or getting to know you meetings.


Coffee is a lot cheaper than a night out on the town and because it is such an inexpensive date. There aren t any awkward moments when the bill comes or questions about who is supposed to pay.

Taking the pressure off about money really adds to the casualness of a coffee date.


A coffee date is typically a short date. If a coffee date goes longer than a couple of hours, the two of you may be onto something. But, if you don t hit it off, you can both depart in 45 minutes without offending anyone and still be friends.

Conversely, when you plan a full evening of dinner and dancing, that s almost 4 to 5 hours of time to fill.

No Alcohol

Unless you re mixing Bailey s into that coffee, there s typically no alcohol involved in a coffee date. While alcohol can add to the enjoyment of the evening, it can also prompt you to act differently, say things you wouldn t normally say and generally be a little more easygoing than you originally planned. If you want to keep things slightly professional, nixing the alcohol is a good thing.

Great Post Date Activity

If you re a couple not ready for a quiet evening at a location away from the cafe, coffee can be a great way to extend time together. Or, if you re out with a large group, going for a nightcap coffee can add a touch of privacy to the end of the evening out without the pressure of heading elsewhere.

Drawbacks of a Coffee Date

Just Two Friends?

One of the major drawbacks of a coffee date is that it s not always clear that it s a date. One party may simply think it s two friends grabbing a cup of joe and some conversation while the other person is having romantic thoughts. This could lead to some awkwardness when it is discovered that each person s expectations differ.

Too Casual

A coffee date may seem too casual. If you want to step it up a notch without upgrading to a full evening on the town, try suggesting going for a quiet dessert at a local, high end cafe. There you can still enjoy a hot cup of coffee along with a tasty treat and great conversation.

All in all, an initial date over a cup of coffee with someone you are just getting to know socially can serve as a comfortable ice breaker that potentially leads to a more promising relationship.

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