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Decorative and useful could describe the large coffee maker used at parties, receptions or other places where large throngs of people gather, yet a coffee urn can be found for quantities from 12 to 100 cups.

The size of a coffee urn will be determined by the number of cups of coffee anticipated to being served, although just because you have a 100-cup maker, does not mean you have to make 100 cups at a time. Making more coffee than will be consumed within about 90 minutes may allow the beverage to go stale.

The average size a coffee urn owned by a family is about 30 cups where a restaurant or caterer may own several 100-cup units. Setting up a party usually requires two, one for regular and one for decaffeinated. Although caterers have learned 100 cups of both usually sees a large portion of one, or the other, being disposed of depending on the crowd.

Taste Is In The Grind

Coffee is sold in a variety of grinds and that which is intended for use in a coffee urn is usually ground finer. Coffee for commercial use is also ground slightly different which allows less grounds to be used to achieve the same quality and taste in the drink.

Drip-grind coffee is made for makers, which has a separate reservoir for water and one for the finished drink. Most coffee urns use a percolator method, which means the water starts out in the same reservoir and ends up back there as coffee. Most commercially, ground coffee, up close, looks like small jagged stones. As the hot water is mixed in with the grounds, it absorbs the flavor from around the coffee.

Commercial coffee grinds, once ground, they are passed through a press, which flattens the grind and allows water to pass through the coffee, absorbing even more flavor and is ideal for use in a coffee urn, using fewer grounds to achieve better taste. Although the flavor is absorbed more quickly, and removed from the ground coffee, the hot water percolating into the grounds obtains more coffee flavor as after the first series of percolations, the water will begin to have coffee with it.

Since most people will not need a large coffee urn everyday, they are available for rent from a variety of sources and unless you have experience with their use, you may want to ask how much coffee to use. Since percolating coffee tends to be stronger, you may need the correct amount of coffee grounds to use for the number of cups you plan to make.

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