Ways To Utilize The Jelly Bean!

The jelly bean has long been one of the sweet mainstays of the Easter basket. Jelly beans are inexpensive, and thus are used to add mass to an Easter basket, while malted eggs and chocolate bunnies are used to garnish it. Easter rolls around only once a year, and there are many other uses for jelly beans year round. Here are 10 other uses for the jelly bean that will incorporate it into year round festivities.

1) Gourmet jelly beans, for instance those made by Jelly Belly, come in a variety of colors and flavors, and are great favors at weddings. It is much more difficult to match your wedding colors with the small amount of colors available in Jordan almonds than it is within the spectrum of jelly beans.

2) Put jelly beans in your favorite trail mix for that extra boost of sugar inspired energy. It will create a deliciously sweet and salty combination that is sure to please the taste buds. The recipe is easy: 1 cup of jelly beans, 1 cup of peanuts, and 1 cup of pretzels.

3) Frosted cakes and cupcakes are easily decorated with jelly beans. The myriad colors expand your decorating options. Colorful jelly beans can make great designs without dealing with the hassles of frosting.

4) You can make a traditional-looking Christmas tree garland by stringing popcorn with red and green jelly beans. After the holidays, you will be able to eat the garland to strengthen you as you clean up the decorations.

5) Additionally, your ginger bread house will benefit from the utilization of jelly beans in the decorating process. They will make fantastic "roof tiles" or even "stones" in the fireplace.

Think outside of the proverbial box when it comes to jelly bean uses!

6) Replace poker chips with jelly beans for penny ante poker. Because you can assign values to jelly beans of various colors, they are more efficient to use than matchsticks.

7) Is your supply of bingo chips low? Jelly beans are just the right size to cover your called bingo numbers. Plus they are a delicious treat to sooth the loser’s soul.

8) Using jelly beans to decorate a flower vase is so creative that even Martha Stewart would give her seal of approval. Nest one flower vase inside a slightly larger clear one; fill the space between them with multicolored jelly beans. Produce layers of corresponding colors or other designs using the beans; include the flowers and water to the middle vase when your creative work is finished.

9) Jelly beans as a medium of artistic expression! Some wonderful artwork has been developed utilizing the colorful beans. Express yourself through this fun and creative medium. Glue jelly beans to a strong foam board core to keep your masterpiece in place.

10) All five year old girls would love to have bracelets made with jelly beans for their birthday party favors. Craft stores sell the clasps cheaply, and you can find the nylon thread there as well. Your child can even help make them!

So there it is. We've given you both creative and silly ways to use jelly beans. Candy stores on the World Wide Web offer these colorful candies all year round. You are only limited to your imagination!

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