The Effects Of Spicy Foods and Natural Herbs For Your Diet Plan

If your body had attacked with certain diseases, you should be aware with natural foods which called herbs that most weight loss experts told you. It is unlikely certified medicines in hospital, those herbs can't be tested to ensure the efficiency & the risks. We cannot judge any products by its looks and its tradition. Because of those herbs contain undetected ingredients, now the risks still in doubt. From those herbs, sometimes experts had found risky ingredients which is metals, microorganisms, etc.

So because of this risk, the unidentified herbs can give you medical problems. Whenever you had a high blood pressure problem, please do not eat those herbs. Not only if you had high blood pressure, another diseases such as thyroid, diabetes, heart diseases, epilepsy, liver, glaucoma can caused much risks to your health when you eat those herbs. In the end I want to say please be aware in those herbs when you had these above problems.

Also if you are about to give birth, keep in mind to not eat those herbs and please always check everything with your heath specialist. So herbs aren't always good for your health, especially if you had problems with your health.

Another interesting topic is about spicy foods. Most people who choose spicy foods as their favorite foods could attacked by stomach problems when they add too much spices in their foods. Sadly, those people always add spices when they feel their meals in front of them aren't hot. You know what I mean, don't you?

Unfortunately, this kind of bad habit can cause you negative effects in the long term. First, Geographic tongue. Many people believes it is caused because of allergic reaction to certain condition. We cannot be 100% sure about this, but one thing is clear, spicy foods can produced irritation and geographic tongue when you ate them too much. It is not dangerous but your tongue cannot taste foods for 1 month.

The other effect when you eat too much spicy foods is Gastritis. I will tell you the definition of Gastritis. Your stomach could be burnt when you eat too much spicy foods, that is what I mean with Gastritis. Spicy foods and infections can caused Gastritis, so keep in mind that you shouldn’t eat too much chili peppers or chili sauce. In some people experiences, when we got attacked this Gastritis, we need to eat not with chili sauce anymore, it can caused you acid reflux. The most risky from Gastritis is cancer. I know it is rare, but why do not we try to avoid this when we can? Anyway, don’t you remember spicy foods can caused your mouth breath to be bad?

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