Which are the Most Popular Mexican Desserts?

There are a lot of Mexican desserts to choose from and they are all delicious. One good example is flan, which has the same name in a lot of countries. The history of Mexican flan dates back to ancient roman times and flan is a French word. Flan is a caramel custard. This dessert is a rich custard with soft caramel on top. It is easy to make if you have a flan recipe. The custard is usually flavored with vanilla but you can also get flan in other varieties, such as lemon, coconut, or other fruits.

Empanadas are another dessert found in Mexico. It is a stuffed pastry that contains different sweetened fillings depending on the country. Some fillings you can find in Mexico are cream, pumpkin, and a variety of fruits. In some states in Mexico, the empanadas are filled with different meats. Empanadas can be served as a dessert and also a breakfast food.

Chocolate has been used in Mexico for many centuries. The Mayans first used chocolate and then Aztecs continued to use it. The Aztecs used chocolate as both a currency and a food. The Aztecs introduced chocolate to the Spanish who took it back to Spain with them. Chocolate became the main ingredient in the king's favorite drink.

There were different chocolate-based drinks the Aztecs favored. They often added seeds, nuts or honey to their concoctions. Champurrado is a well-loved chocolate drink, which is warm and thick. It is usually served at breakfast time, perhaps with churros, and also as a dessert. Mexicans often buy this champurrado Mexican drink from street vendors in the morning. Why not have a look at a champurrado recipe and make your own?

A dessert found in the Yucatan is called sapotes dulces. Sapotes are a fruit grown in Mexico. It is very rare to find the fruit in the United States. Sapotes have an orange flesh that has a unique flavor of being juicy, creamy and can often be said similar to the flavor of coconuts, and vanilla. Sapotes dulces is a dessert using the fruit, mixing it with orange juice, rum, and sugar, and served chilled. It is easy to make and has a great flavor.

Another Mexican dessert delicacy is cajeta, also called crema de cajeta, dulce de leche (which means sweet milk) or leche quemada (which means burnt milk). The main ingredient in cajeta is caramelized milk, which is cooked down until it is a thick liquid. The most common ingredient is sweetened milk but it can be made with cow's milk or goat's milk. Cajeta can be enjoyed alone, on pastries, ice cream or as a topping for grilled bananas. The Hershey Company manufactures its own version of cajeta for Mexican food lovers living in America.

There are plenty of Mexican desserts to satisfy your sweet tooth, including cakes, chocolates, candies, and cookies. You can research and experiment with Mexican dessert recipes. If you want to try out some of these Mexican delicacies for yourself before making them, you can visit an authentic Mexican restaurant. You might find them at a Mexican grocer. Once you have tried these Mexican treats, you will definitely want to make your own!

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