Low Sugar Fruits For Your Diet

A healthy diet begins with fresh vegetables and fruits and is part of a bigger balanced diet that includes foods that are low in cholesterol, fat, and needless sugar. Try to add a portion of fruits and vegetables to each meal you eat, if you want to eat healthy.

Talking about fruits, they have been natural essential diet of human being since very old times. Besides easily digestible and good source as food, fruits are served as medicine, treat ailments, retain and balance the moisture level in the body. They are full with vitamins, minerals, enzymes.

When you are on a diet, especially low carb diet, you should beware of high sugar fruits. Sugar is widely considered to be one of the most dangerous substances for the body. You should avoid it at all costs.

Here, I mention the fruits from low and high in sugar so that you can check carb counts, choose and plan your diet carefully.

Low Sugar Fruit

Apple : 11.8g
Apricot : 8g
Avocado : 7g
Blueberry : 11g
Blackberry : 8g
Carrots : 2.2g
Cranberry : 4g
Cherry : 13g
Grapefruit, Red : 6.6g
Gooseberry : 9g
Kiwi Fruit : 8.8g
Lemon : 3g
Lime : 7g
Tangerine : 9.5g
Melon, Red Water : 8g
Melon, cantaloupe : 6.3g
Olive : 3g
Orange : 10.6g
Papaya : 8g
Passion Fruit : 5.8g
Peach : 7.9g
Pear : 11.5g
Pineapple : 12g
Plum : 9.6g
Strawberry : 5.1g
Tomato : 1.9g

Very High Sugar Fruits

Banana : 20.4g
Fig : 19g
Grapes : 15.5g
Guava : 17g
Kumquat : 16g
Lychee : 18g
Mango : 15g
Persimmon : 18.6g
Pomegranate : 17g

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