Emulsifiers in Chocolate

Emulsifiers are used in chocolate

to eliminate the friction caused

between the particles of cacao,

sugar, milk and other ingredients,

allowing the chocolate to flow

more easily and provide a more

pleasant feel in the mouth. PGPR

is an emulsifier made from castor

beans, it reduces the viscosity

(the texture and way it flows) of

chocolate. PGPR (Polyglycerol

Polyricinoleate) is used in

fractions of percents when making



It may be used to create a thinner

chocolate used for dipping and

coating other ingredients or to

lower the fat content slightly

while retaining nearly the same in

texture. The majority of the

commercial candy bars since 2006

are now made with PGPR, this may

be as an industry wide means or

reducing the cost of chocolate.

PGPR can be used to replace the

more expensive cocoa butter as an

ingredient in the lesser grades of

chocolate while retaining the

delicate taste and texture of

chocolate in the mouth.


A yellowish viscous liquid, PGPR

is made up from fatty acids of

castor oil. (Viscosity is the way

a fluid is measured, usually

referred to as thickness, it

indicates its resistance to

pouring.) PGPR is a lipophilic

substance, meaning it does not

dissolve in water but only in

fats, oils and other liphophilic

substances. It is almost always

paired with lecithin or some other

viscosity reducing agent.


Soya lecithin is another

emulsifier used in chocolate, it

is used to keep the cocoa butter

and chocolate from separating in

candy bars. The elimination of an

emulsifier in chocolate can cost

in the area of smooth texture,

causing the chocolate to be grainy

and rough. Even though this is a

concern, some manufacturers choose

not to use any type of emulsifier

for reasons of maintaining purity.

The higher quality chocolate use

a method called conching to

maintain the texture and

smoothness of chocolate, this

involves a container full of metal

beads used to grind the chocolate

while in liquid form. The longer

the chocolate is conched the

smoother it becomes.

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