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There's no single answer to overweight and obesity, but one thing everyone agrees on is that we have to reduce the amount of junk food which is being consumed, especially by children.

Busy parents, stretched for time and energy, often turn to fast food because it seems so much quicker and easier than cooking at home. In fact as celebrity chef Jamie Oliver has often tried to explain, when you know what you're doing, there is no faster food than home-prepared food, simply because you can prepare it in less time than it takes to go and pick it up, or wait for it to be delivered.

It's not just that home-cooked meals are faster than buying junk food, it's that the savings on food bills are extraordinary. Consistently cooking at home can save thousands of dollars every year. In addition, healthy fast cooking gives parents and children the nutrition they need to succeed at school, at sport, at work, and in life generally.

Yes, home-cooked food wins on all points - but of course you have to know how!

It's early days, but FastFoodBank.com hopes to be able to help families world wide to learn how to put together the sorts of superfast meals that lead to great family health. There are just a few recipes at the moment, but with the capacity for families to add their own favourite fast recipes, it's hoped there will soon be a great collection.

The very first recipe is called "Tabouleh Wrap with Eastern Turkey" and it packs a terrific flavour punch that the fussiest eater would love. At just 15 minutes from start to first mouthful, it's a more nutritious alternative to junk that would cost twice as much!

Maybe the best part about FastFoodBank.com is that it's completely free, courtesy of the Kind Communities Initiative, a global project aimed at increasing the health of individuals, families, and communities.

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