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Yuanyang soup
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Tingwei Teo This is a very good 30 Jun 2014 13:52:12
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冬炎汤 Tom Yam Soup

滋补鸡汤 Nutritious Chicken Soup

重庆麻辣 ChongQing Spicy Soup

鱼头炉汤 TeoChew Fish Head Soup

鸳鸯汤 Yuan Yang Soup
All you can eat steamboat
76 Smith Street 058971
Tel : 6835 7626
78 Smith Street 058972
Tel : 6835 7626
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This is a very good restaurant. convenient to MRT. very accessible. i really love the food that they serve over here. their service are also very awesome! Remember to make a reservation before heading down! Kreta Ayer Shop Houses 76 Smith Street, (S)058971
Among the four soups, more prefer chicken n chongqing spicy soup.The way they brewing the soup include black pepper, chilli, yam and milk. The chilli and black pepper in it makes the soup slightly hot but at an acceptable level.For the chicken soup, I love the idea of adding milk in it making the soup creamier and tastier. Just like other normal steamboats, the soup gets better after cooking all the ingredients in it.
Steamboat buffet for all
Wao... Steamboat look damn nice la....
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