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Our Mission

Our duty is to guide our students to be the best in their lives through the instruction of the KOREAN MARTIAL ARTS. The principle of our school is to believe in and to emphasize on Courtesy, Respect, Perseverance, Confidence and Harmony. That is, we intend to guide our young practitioners to develop their own positive manners and to avoid anything that would jeopardize their physical and mental growth. ILDO TAEKWONDO ACADEMY is dedicated to guiding each and every one of our students to become the most productive and constructive citizens, not only into their practice sessions, but into all aspects of their lives as well.

Message to Parents

I believe that you are the key to the successful life of your child. From my experience as a Martial Art Instructor, I find that a lot of parents expect their child to perform like an adult, to be able to break cinder blocks or jump higher than other kids. But after all, they are only children. They are here to learn Martial Arts. They are not here to show off, or try to prove that they are better than one another.

In my opinion the world of children is the most beautiful place on earth. You and I together can work on the things that your child needs --- Confidence, Coordination, Flexibility, Self-defense, Discipline, Respect and Improved Health --- through the traditional Korean Martial Art, TAE KWON DO. With your support and praise, your child will receive from the study of Tae Kwon Do far more than you might have expected.

Tae Kwon Do life encourages your child to grow with Good Health, Wisdom, and Confidence. I would like to welcome each one of you as Ildo Taekwondo parent. I am very proud of you!

ILDO Taekwondo Martial Arts Master
Daniel Kim
*Taekwondo is great for children
*Our reward system improves children's self-esteem
*Our activities channel children's aggression
*Our program teaches children essential self-defense skills
*Taekwondo is a fun - filled workout for adults
*Our workouts are a great way to get in shape
*Our classes relieve stress
*Our classroom practice sessions give you confidence
*What we teach you could save your life.
*Our program is a lots of fun we have different programs for different needs. when you come into visit us, we will explain everything face to face so we can put you in the best program. We want to work out a program with you, but we cannot do it alone. We will wait for you!!
The best taekwondo classes for kids. They know who to train kids very well in a good and disciplined manner. Those children who are interested in this should enrich classes here!
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Our Programmes

Programs & Timetable

We offer the following programmes:
  • Tiny Class (3-6 Years Old)
  • Kids Class (7-12 Years Old)
  • Teen Class (13-18 Years Old)
  • Adult Class
  • Family Class
  • Private Class
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Tel 6468 9972
West Coast Plaza #02-07/08, 154 West Coast Road 127371
Tel 6774 6196
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The best taekwondo classes for kids. They know who to train kids very well in a good and disciplined manner. Those children who are interested in this should enrich classes here!
There are not too many places children can play in these days. However, I can always hear laughing of kids in ILDO taekwondo and know that children are feeling happy in their laughing and enjoy taking a lesson. All instructors in ILDO make children be so happy and fun. I really recommend to everyone who wants to learn Korea TaeKwonDo and have a fun time.
Master Kim and his dedicated team of instructors create a wonderful holistic environment for learning Taekwondo and the principles behind it. Our daughters have been attending classes each week for over 18 months now and we always look forward to going along. A lot of fun!
Thank you so much ! We will try our best ~~~
Learning taekwondo in a different way, no more boring routine but through fun and lively instructors with music combination ! Loving it !
Learning taekwondo in Ildo is really great! All the instructors are from korea and they are very friendly and helpful.
Thank you for your testimonial. We also enjoy having lessons with so many lovely students.
I love Ildo taekwondo. I have so much fun and the instructors are very friendly. I'll definitely recommend to any child or adult how wants to learn taekwondo and have fun at the same time.
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