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Akademi Bahasa Asing LPI
» Major Landmarks
Within 3KM Akademi Bahasa Asing LPI
  Jalan Cikini Raya No.64
Kel. Cikini, Menteng
Kota Jakarta Pusat 10330
Zone : Menteng

Bank & ATM
Belanja & Hiburan
Condo & Hotel
Fasilitas Umum
Keamanan & Darurat
Klub Golf
Lembaga Pendidikan
Makanan & Minuman
Pasar & Supermarket
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Tempat Ibadah
Tempat Wisata
Akademi Bahasa Asing LPI
» Located @ Menteng
» Central Jakarta Hotels

1. Nearby
a. Hotel Mega (Cikini) 0 km
b. Hotel Menteng 2 0.21 km
c. Hotel Grand Alia 0.22 km
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3. Nearby
a. Menteng Apartement Residence 0.31 km
b. Eksekutif Menteng 0.46 km
c. Cik Ditiro Residence 0.47 km
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4. Nearby
a. Bank Mandiri 0.18 km
b. Bank Danamon 0.55 km
c. Haga Bank 0.85 km
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5. Nearby
Sorry, we are unable to find any within 3 km of your search.
6. Nearby
a. The Fountain Longue & Bar 1.09 km
b. BB's 1.13 km
c. Face Bar 1.36 km
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7. Nearby
a. Rumah Makan Salero Bundo 0.21 km
b. Raden Kuring Restoran 0.29 km
c. Oasis Restaurant 0.3 km
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8. Nearby
a. Kimia Farma Menteng Huis 0.73 km
b. Plaza Kenari Mas 1.11 km
c. Menteng Plaza 1.15 km
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9. Nearby
Sorry, we are unable to find any within 3 km of your search.
10. Nearby
a. Keris Gallery 1.23 km
b. Java Departement Store 1.82 km
11. Nearby
a. Gedung Central Cikini 0.09 km
b. Central Cipta Murdaya (CCM) 0.11 km
c. Menteng Office Park 0.16 km
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12. Nearby
a. Cikini Village Office 0.54 km
b. Menteng SubDistrict Office 0.65 km
c. Dinas Kesehatan TNI 0.72 km
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13. Nearby
a. Jenderal RDD Consulate 0.3 km
b. Embassy of the Republic Iraq 0.72 km
c. Italy 0.76 km
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14. Nearby
a. Al Athar Mosque 0.97 km
b. Al Barokah Mosque 0.97 km
c. Cut Meutia Mosque 0.98 km
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