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Lion Air Kelapa Gading
» Major Landmarks
Within 3KM Lion Air Kelapa Gading
  Jalan Kelapa Gading Boulevard
Kel. Kelapa Gading Timur, Kelapa Gading
Kota Jakarta Utara 14240
Zone : Kelapa Gading

Lion Air Kelapa Gading
» Located @ Kelapa Gading
» North Jakarta Hotels

1. Nearby Hotel
a. Rencana Hotel 1.59 km
b. Hotel Gading Indah 1.72 km
c. Hotel Bypass Inn 2.75 km
  more : Hotel  
3. Nearby Apartemen
a. Summerville Apartment 0.46 km
b. Bogenville Apartment 0.49 km
c. Gading Timur Condominium 0.99 km
  more : Apartemen  
4. Nearby Bank
a. Artha Graha Bank 0.37 km
b. Bank Danamon 0.54 km
c. Bank BII 0.62 km
  more : Bank  
5. Nearby ATM
Sorry, we are unable to find any ATM within 3 km of your search.
6. Nearby Bar
a. Verona Bar & Lounge 0.56 km
7. Nearby Restoran
a. Sinar Medan 0.03 km
b. Bintang Gading 0.05 km
c. Gudeg Batutulis 0.05 km
  more : Restoran  
8. Nearby Shopping Mall
a. La Piazza 0.56 km
b. La Piazza 0.6 km
c. Kelapa Gading 1 Mall 0.81 km
  more : Shopping Mall  
9. Nearby
Sorry, we are unable to find any within 3 km of your search.
10. Nearby
Sorry, we are unable to find any within 3 km of your search.
11. Nearby Gedung
a. Ekatama Building 1.18 km
b. Graha Auto Center 1.26 km
c. Gading Marina Building 1.29 km
  more : Gedung  
12. Nearby Kantor Pemerintah
a. Kelapa Gading Timur Village Office 0.27 km
b. Kelapa Gading Subdistrict Office 0.49 km
c. BULOG 1.29 km
  more : Kantor Pemerintah  
13. Nearby Kedutaan, Konsulat
Sorry, we are unable to find any Kedutaan, Konsulat within 3 km of your search.
14. Nearby Masjid
a. Ad-diwah Mosque (Kelapa Gading Timur) 0.45 km
b. Al-Muhajirin Mosque (Kelapa Gading Timur) 0.89 km
c. Al-Istiqomah Mosque (Kelapa Gading Timur) 1.26 km
  more : Masjid  
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