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About Us
Ji Xiang Confectionery specializes in vegetarian “Ang Ku Kueh” (a traditional Chinese snack) since 1989.
Small Huat Kueh
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Ang Ku Kueh available in 7 different fillings:

Peanut - 60¢ /pc
Sweet Bean Paste - 60¢ /pc
Salty Bean Paste - 60¢ /pc
Corn - 60¢ /pc
Coconut - 60¢ /pc
Yam - 70¢ /pc
Durian (seasonal) - 80¢ /pc
Medium Kueh -- $1.50 /pc
Big Kueh -- $3.00 /pc

Only the Salty Bean filling is non-vegetarian. “Ang Ku Kueh” symbolizes Prosperity, Longevity and Wealth. We also have the customary Chinese “Ang Ee” snack for baby's full month celebration (available at 80¢ /pc)

Baby Full Month -- 80¢ / pc
Money Kueh -- $1.50 /pc
Small Huat Kueh - 5 for $3.00
Mid Huat Kueh - 1 for $1.20
Big Huat Kueh - 1 for $8.00
Ji Xiang Confectionery is best known for their very delicious Ang Ku Kueh. This is glutinous rice flour cake stuffed with a very sweet filling inside. If you haven't tried this, I suggest you head on to their shop and try it!
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1 Jun 2013 23:11:20
Yummy vegeterian ang ku kueh and many othr varieties available...