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Reg. Name: JK Koi Centre
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To see our kois collection, please visit our farm at: Jl. Mabes Hankam Pint...
Maruboshi Kohaku Female 61cm 3 Years Old
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JK KOI Centre

Since 1997, we have been serving many hobbyists like you with grad Japanese KOIs. Having special priviledge, we areable yo import these beautiful KOIs from different famous breeders in Japan.

Many of our KOsS have been winners of different KOI Shows and Competions around the South East Asia region.

Our upmost priority is to provide each of our customers an all round satisfaction, from providing top quality Japanese KOIs of their desire to KOIs care and pond maintenance.

The art of KOI keeping is to see that fish grow healthy in your pond and to see a good tategoi grow to be a nice and pretty finished koi. Biggest hope is that one day, one of your nisai/sansai will grow to over 80cm and have the quality to compete in KOI shows for the future Grand Champion Award. Well, JK KOI Centre try to maximze the chance of that happening.

JK KOI Centre have been in the KOI industry for 20 years and we have many loyal KOI hobbyists who are very happy with the quality of tategoi we introduced them. We specialized in future KOI, and select top quality Japanese KOIs from various famous breeders in Japan in terms of the quality of the fish, body structure, pattern and the future of the fish.

Our products and services are:

  • Different Varieties of Top Quality Japanese KOIs (Dainichi KOI Farm, Maruyama KOI Farm, Momotaro KOI Farm, Omosako KOI Farm, Sakai KOI Farm, Gonjiro Fish Farm, Hoshikin Gonjo, Marudo KOI Farm, Isa KOI Farm, etc).
  • KOI Hotel.
  • Top Grade KOI Food.
  • KOI Treatmen and Surgery.
  • Pond Maintenance.
  • Handler for KOI Show (Japan, Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia).

Please visit our farm to learn more and how to take care the fish and also how to select good future KOIs.

To see our kois collection, please visit our farm at:

Jl. Mabes Hankam Pintu Tengah No. 11A RT 05/04 Cilangkap, Jakarta Timur 13870

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Produk & Servis

Our Product is different varieties of Top Quality Japanese KOI such as:

  • Dainichi KOI Farm
  • Maruyama KOI Farm
  • Momotaro KOI Farm
  • Omosako KOI Farm
  • Sakai KOI Farm
  • Gomjiro FishFarm
  • Hoshikin Yorijo
  • Marudo KOI Farm
  • Isa KOI Farm
  • Etc

Our services are:

  • KOI Hotel
  • Top Grade KOI Food
  • KOI Treatment and Surgery
  • Pond Maintenance
  • Handler for KOI Show ( Japan,Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia)