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Kate August Dec 04
JobsDB is very helpful to find your dream job.
JobsDB Singapore Pte Ltd (JTC Summit Building)
About Us
JobsDB Singapore Pte Ltd, the No. We are expanding rapidly and hiring even in this challenging economy. is wholly own by JDB Holdings, a leading online content providers in Asia.

We have offices in 9 countries and employed over 1500 staff across Asia. If you are passionate working in an internet environment and looking at a career that gives you an opportunity to be rewarded for result, please send in your resume today.

JobsDB is very helpful to find your dream job.
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4 Dec 2012 20:04:45
Products & Services
  1. Online Job posting
    Efficient and cost effective recruitment medium covering 12 countries across the Asia Pacific.

  2. Online Advertising
    Promote your products and services to a highly targeted group of audience in a growing market.

  3. JobsDB Dimension
    Convenient turnkey solution for building a customized e-Recruitment system.

  4. LearningDB and Career Events
    Organises career-related Training & Development courses, seminars and workshops.
  • Global network backed by local Sales and Marketing support
  • Advanced recruitment technology
  • Cost effective online advertising
  • Reputable and established customer base
  • Strong partnerships with prominent players
  • Cross-country corporate exposure
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JobsDB is very helpful to find your dream job.
Really a lot of job posting/ listing that you can find here. And from my personal experience, the site helps a lot. It is credible and reliable.
A lot of jobs position available