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About Us

Learners’ Lodge is the leading IP & JC tuition provider, with a growing pool of experienced & current IP & JC teachers in the local education industry.

Products & Services

Learners' Lodge JC Tuition Program

The Learners’ Lodge JC tuition programme is a very strong programme that covers all major ‘A’ level subjects. With a very dedicated team of full-time former top JC teachers on our team, which is complemented by a large pool of part-time JC teachers, our JC tuition programme gives the edge that students need to excel at the ‘A’ level examination.

All our JC tuition lessons are conducted weekly* 2-hour sessions. The class size is limited to a maximum of 12 students per class**. This conducive environment provides within each lesson both a sufficiently long duration to engender deeper learning, as well as a small enough teacher-to-student ratio that allows meaningful individual attention given to each student.

During our JC tuition classes, our teachers will first teach the subject content that is required in the syllabus. However, because of the time we have at each lesson, our teachers can provide a deeper and stronger foundation that students need. Thereafter, our teachers will teach our students the relevant skills to tackle exam questions, teaching them how to score top marks. This is made possible because our teachers are all current or former JC teachers who have a lot of experience about what the examiners at Cambridge are looking out for when marking ‘A’ level scripts.

At present, Learners’ Lodge offers JC tuition classes for the following subjects:

Workshops -

The Learners’ Lodge Workshop Series is a specially designed programme that helps ‘A’ level students to acquire the necessary content mastery and/or skills to excel in the ‘A’ level examinations. These workshops are designed to be one-off and thus suit the students who are busy.

The key features of our workshops are

  • Targeted emphasis
  • One-off workshop (no long term expenditure required)
  • Saves times
  • Held outside school hours
  • Conducted by very experienced current and ex-teachers from top JCs

At present, we are able to offer workshops in General Paper and Economics.

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