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Pasir Ris-Punggol Town Council
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Technically, we’ve been around since the formation of Town Councils… having gone through various past manifestations such as Eunos Town Council, Eunos-Pasir Ris Town Council, and Pasir Ris Town Council. Along with change of the electoral boundaries in end 2001, we officially became known as Pasir Ris-Punggol Town Council on 5 January 2002, and we took over the functions previously undertaken by Pasir Ris Town Council and Cheng San Town Council.

Products & Services
Function of Town Council

Estate Maintenance

a) Maintain lifts, water pumps, electrical installatin, carparks
b) Undertake conservancy and cleaning works
c) Provide 24 hour essential lift maintenance and rescue services
d) Landscaping and horticulture maintenance
e) Flushing of water tanks

Improvement/ Cyclical Works

a) Undertake repairs and re-decorations(R & R), re-roofing and estate improvement works
b) Replace water and booster pumpsets
c) Upgrade common areas facilities
d) Undertake Interim Upgrading Programme (IUP)

a) Collect rent and loan instalments on behalf of HDB
b) Collect conservancy and service charges

a) Issue Temporary Occupation Licence(TOL) for use of common areas, and permits for use of void decks and other facilities
b) Control obstruction at shop fronts and passageways
c) Enforcement on illegal parking at common

Function of HDB Branch Offices

a) Manage lease, tenancy and flat's ownership/ subletting/ changes of occupants matters

b) Collect conservancy and service charges on behalf of Town Council, loan instalments, rents and HDB parking fines

c) Issue renovation permits

d) Manage carparks, pay-parking, HDB markets and hawker centres

e) Administer public housing policies, rules and regulations

f) Sell season parking tickets and coupons, and enforcement on carpark offences

g) Undertake internal repairs of properties

h) Maintain and repair CATV system

i) Process applications for telephone lines in market/ hawker centres and electrical appliances in general

j) Administer purchase of recess area