The Difference Between Decaffeinated and Regular Green Tea
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Is Decaffeinated Green Tea Less Beneficial Than Regular Green Tea?
Decaffeinated green tea has the main purpose of giving people the antioxidants and other health benefits of green tea without caffeine. Many think it is not regular green tea since it is decaffeinated, they thing they won’t get the same amount of benefits and components found in the regular green tea however, this isn’t true. The same amount of EGCG has been found in decaffeinated green tea compared to regular green tea and you can even check the product listing before purchasing if you want.

For such products as decaffeinated green tea there are two types of decaffeinating methods used. One of these uses ethyl acetate solvent that retains thirty percent of the polyphenols that are healthy and beneficial. The more natural process uses water and carbon dioxide. Another way that is used quite often is for the drinker to decaffeinate the tea since many don’t want caffeine in their tea.

Anywhere from fifteen to thirty mg of caffeine is in a cup of regular green tea. This is actually necessary to provide the bitterness of green tea, although it is not appreciated by some. One cup of green tea contains enough caffeine to produce stimulant effects to the central nervous system.

By completing a very simple process it is possible to naturally remove the caffeine yourself. For about 45 seconds in hot water you should steep the tea, then pour off the liquid. Then add more hot water and for a second time pour off the liquid.

Then as you would normally do for a cup of tea you should add more hot water and steep. The first infusion of water will removed about eighty percent of the caffeine, so the second time through there are only small amounts of caffeine left. There are many positive benefits to decaffeinating your tea, the major one is that you don’t feel the affects that caffeine normal produces such as nervousness or fidgetting.


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