TsuNoni - Green Tea Meets Noni
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East Meets West
Asian cultures have realized the medical benefits of green tea for centuries. Those who drank it lived longer, healthier lives. Now science has discovered the reason behind the green tea phenomenon. Polyphenols, the antioxidants in green tea, can actually help lower cholesterol and promote healthy heart function. Plus studies show it is a great weight loss aid, helping to boost metabolism and suppress appetite. Given the amount of green tea needed to deliver these health benefits, it is almost impossible to drink enough in our busy lives.

Across the ocean in Polynesia, Noni is used for its’ health-regenerating properties. Polynesians rubbed this tropical fruit on burns and sores to relieve pain. Extensive research has finally unlocked the secret of Noni. The polysaccharides in Noni are different than the typical sugar type. Those in Noni are actually a form of dietary fiber, promoting proper digestion and enhancing your immune system. Unfortunately, the awful taste and foul odor prevent most of us from drinking it.

Green Tea Meets Noni
When combined, one would think green tea and Noni would make an unpalatable combination. However, just the opposite occurs. These two bitter ingredients actually become a tasty and powerful blend, known as TsuNoni.

In fact, this synergistic result is so rare, TsuNoni was issued a patent. When separate, Noni contains 11 mgs of antioxidants per gram and green tea has 88 mgs per gram. But when combined, lab studies prove these super-foods deliver 47% more antioxidants per gram. This 1+1=3 combination packs over 400 mgs of polyphenols and 70 mgs of polysaccharides per serving. TsuNoni is a healthy, effervescent fusion that tastes absolutely amazing.


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Gerald Meyer is a registered pharmacist and provides advice on the many weight loss programs available today. Many natural weight loss programs can be found at http://www.natural-weight-loss-programs.com. Also try a free sample of TsuNoni while you're there. TsuNoni is a tasty and powerful blend of green tea and Noni.