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Spice Brasserie: A Dose of Singapore in Little India
Reviewed by : Deyana. Other Foodadvisor Writers?
Little India, with its sights, sounds and smells, has the effect of transporting you a world away from our little city. Still, when in Singapore , one must do as Singaporeans do – eat local food! So, head down to Spice Brasserie and let Singaporean cuisine engulf your tastebuds while its South Asian counterpart assaults your other senses. With its international buffet focusing on local fare, the restaurant, located in the Parkroyal, reminds you that there is no escaping the city; in a good way, of course.

  • The Vibe
    Sleek and modern, Spice Brasserie's clean design is characteristic of our Global City State. The restaurant's earthy tones, complemented by polished tiles and glass panels, put every cosmopolitan individual right at home. From the buffet counters to the special room for private functions, Spice Brasserie is edgy, sophisticated and chic while at the same time, catering to families. On Sundays, its private function room is converted into a playroom for children. Indeed, a dream come true for the Singaporean family of the 21 st century.
  • The Food
    The restaurant's Executive Chef is currently in Vietnam, serving the Singapore ambassador and local diplomats in commemoration of National Day. This is just one of the testaments to the quality of Spice's fare.

    The lunch buffet (Adult: $22.50++/Child: $13.50++) spread includes a sushi and sashimi counter, one of the restaurant's highlights. Sashimi here comes in a wide variety, with squid, octopi, and different types of fish such as salmon, tuna and mackerel. Like all quality sashimi, the selection at Spice Brasserie is so fresh; you can even eat it on its own. Nevertheless, the standard wasabi and soy sauce come with the extravagant platter.

    Next to the sashimi counter, you find the restaurant's action counter, with a group of chefs standing by, ready to cook you the day's special. The char kway teow (fried rice-noodles) is well-fried and savoury, with just enough dark soy sauce and chilli. The stir-fried baby kailan, also fried on the spot at the counter, pales in comparison to the tantalizing char kway teow. While on the oilier side, the kailan is nevertheless extremely fresh, young and tasty.

    Besides the sashimi and action counters, Spice Brasserie is famous for its Teochew Porridge. Boiled with sweet potatoes, the porridge has a sweet and salty aftertaste; quite a feat given the simple, bland nature of the dish. It is accompanied by an elaborate selection of traditional Teochew side dishes, such as salted vegetables, braised duck and steamed squid, which was disappointingly rubbery.

    Desserts at Spice Brasserie include the durian prata, which is sweet, creamy, hot and delicious. Also try the cakes, especially the chocolate cake, which is rich with a mix of milk and dark chocolate, topped with chocolate power. Or sample the selection of local kuehs, which are all smooth and sweet with gula Melaka.

  • The Service
    The service staff at Spice Brasserie is extremely friendly, warm and attentive. The food arrives promptly, and empty plates are cleared almost immediately.

The SD Food Advisor's Take on Spice Brasserie
Spice Brasserie definitely deserves more visits to explore it extensive ala-carte menu and international buffet, which changes daily. The place is classy yet affordable. The excellent buffet spread satiates all hunger and craving, leaving you more than satisfied. It is restaurant-style hawker fare that far exceeds the average person's standard for local food.

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