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Cuisine Indian Food, Restaurant
Address 32 Race Course Road (S)218552
District Little India
Phone : 62978422 | N/A SMS Restaurant Address
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Kolkata Mutton Biryani
Kolkata Mutton Biryani
Where : Mustard
Price : N/A

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Mustard: A mosaic of Punjab and Bengali masterpieces
by Kareena Ally.

If you happen to take a walk down Little India and would like to sample Indian cuisine, then head straight for Race Course Road. Located on the eastern echelon of the Serangoon Road enclave, this stretch houses numerous eateries from big names to little known gems. The road is named after the racecourse, which was part of Singapore's history as early as 1840s. Mustard is located almost at the end of Race Course Road, painted yellow just like its namesake. Upon entrance, one is greeted with sunny smiles while ushered to a table. Noticeably, while the walls are simply dressed with tie-dye divine paintings, the oil lamps that hang overhead cast a warm afterglow in the cozy rustic setting. ... details>>