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Club Chinois
Cuisine Fusion Food, Restaurant
Address Orchard Parade Hotel (Map)
1 Tanglin Road #02-18
Singapore 247905
District Orchard
Phone : 68340660 | Email to Club Chinois SMS Restaurant Address
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Restaurant Interior (4)
Restaurant Interior (4)
Where : Club Chinois
Price : N/A

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Club Chinois: Justified indulgence in oriental fine dining
by Kelvin Ng

When the widely acclaimed Tung Lok Group opened the contemporary designer Club Chinois in 1997 in Orchard Parade Hotel, it quickly became the Chinese answer to the many fine western epicurean restaurants which sprung up in Singapore . Chinois means Chinese in French and as the name implies, Club Chinois features an eclectic marriage of cultures, essentially Chinese cuisine served European style. To date, this pioneer of modern fusion Chinese cuisine continues to innovate and serve the most exquisite creations to its growing following of aficionados, which include many public figures and celebrities. The Vibe An overhaul of its interior unveils a new posh image which epi ... details>>