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Pagi Sore Indonesia Restaurant
Cuisine Indonesian Food, Restaurant
Address 88 Telok Ayer Street (S)048470
District Raffles Place
Phone : 62256002 | Email to Pagi Sore Indonesia ... SMS Restaurant Address
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Kepala Ikan Asam Pedas
Kepala Ikan Asam Pedas
Where : Pagi Sore Indonesia Restaurant
Price : N/A

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Pagi Sore: Indonesian Fare from Dawn to Dusk
by Debbie Teo

Loosely translated to mean ‘dawn to dusk', Pagi Sore is an Indonesian restaurant that aims to bring their distinctive take on Indonesian delicacies to white-collared executives in Telok Ayer area and heartlanders from Yuan Ching Road in Jurong. The restaurant is a 23-years old family business, with the warm, jolly Mrs Liyana Kwan managing the kitchen and her son, Ziqin, helming the restaurant front. Being Chinese Muslims from Indonesia , the Kwan family strictly serves halal Indonesian fare and has combined original Indonesian flavours with Chinese culinary flairs for a signature Pagi Sore style in their dishes. The spices and marinates Pagi Sore uses are entirely unique recipes from Mrs Kwan's ... details>>