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Joaquim Buffet Restaurant: Satisfy your Porridge Craving
Reviewed by : Lavinia Ching. Other Foodadvisor Writers?
Making its presence felt in Suntec Singapore is Joaquim Buffet Restaurant, serving patrons with its well-known congee buffet during the day; and a seafood steamboat buffet, by nightfall. This restaurant currently revolves around local Chinese cuisine, and attracts mostly Singaporean Chinese and foreigners craving for a taste of local cuisine. As most of its dishes are braised, broiled, stewed, stir-fried or pickled, it serves flavourful yet healthy fare for the health-conscious.

  • The Vibe
    The casual and lively restaurant hosts an open concept for its patrons' dining experience. Situated at the lobby of the convention centre, Joaquim is not only prominent but the aroma of its wide selection of dishes wafting around the enclosed will serve to whet your appetite. With the afternoon Porridge buffet going at SGD$9.80++, it is huge value for money.
  • Food
    The dishes available will cater to most Hokkien, Teochew, Cantonese and Hainanese palates. One should begin the meal with the main specialty, its Teochew-styled porridge. Cooked with the rice grains whole and visible but soft and fragrant, it can be eaten either plain, with sweet potato or peanuts, thus infusing the rice granules and broth with the sweet scent of sweet potatoes or an aromatic nutty flavour.

    Complementing the light and mild aromacy of the porridge is an array of accompanying dishes like stewed pig trotters, stir-fried cabbage with shrimp and vermicelli, braised chicken wings, stewed pork belly, and the roasted soy chicken available at the carving counter is said to be one dish that requires the most constant refill. With a spread that possesses such strong semblance to mother's home-cooked food, it's no wonder it stirs a sense of nostalgia in the hearts of many locals.

    End this simple meal by indulging in some pretty hand-made pastries, or opt to go for the healthier red bean soup or Pulau Hitam instead.

    The spread changes every two weeks with its staples remaining, and guests can expect an improved culinary experience in the near future as executive Chef Toh hopes to extend his menu with a more exciting and diverse spread of little condiments and accompaniments. These include an assortment of pickled vegetables originating from various provinces in China , a variety of spices and unorthodox methods in meat preparation aimed in achieving a greater gastronomic sensation for guests.

  • The Service
    Staff were efficient and helpful, clearing plates whenever we got up for more helpings of food. They certainly provide for a pleasant dining experience.
The SD Food Advisor's take on Joaquim Restaurant
Joaquim is different in that it offers a wide selection, at any one sitting, of everyday local cuisine. Its prices starting at only $9.80++ for a weekday lunch (excluding drinks) are extremely affordable considering its location and setting. Quality-wise, the food borders on the average at the moment; however, what is promising is that new executive chef Mr. Edmund Toh, with 26 years of culinary experience under his belt and having previously worked with several reputable hotel restaurants in Singapore, Egypt and China, will be introducing new flavours and various other dishes from China.

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