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Ah Yat Seafood Restaurant: A Class Act In Seafood Dining
Reviewed by : Alex Ang. Other Foodadvisor Writers?
Established in 2002, Ah Yat Seafood is renowned for its wide array of seafood available so much so that other seafood eateries pale in comparison. Featuring over 80 types of seafood imported from all over the world, Ah Yat ensures its gets the freshest produce available to enhance the quality of its dishes. The chefs from Hong Kong display their culinary prowess by dishing up delicate dim sum and delectable seafood dishes, which has attracted a loyal following.

  • The Vibe
    Ah Yat has a traditional Chinese setting, which is reminiscent of what can be found in Hong Kong restaurants - a sense of warmth. The restaurant overlooks the grandstand of Turf City, offering a peek to the rustic tracks of Turf City. Private rooms are also available for those who want to hold functions or dine in private at the restaurant.
  • The Food
    When we arrived at Ah Yat, it was bustling with furious activity as people were still tucking into piping hot dim sum at 12 noon. That was the indication that we had to begin our meal with some dim sum dishes. We started off with the Steamed Fish Roe Siew Mai ($3.80 for 4 pieces). The siew mai was made with fresh shrimps and topped with fish roe. The freshness was evident as the sweetness of the siew mai poured through with each bite. The Ah Yat Steamed Shrimp Dumpling ($3.80 for 4 pieces) is also another mainstay in dim sum cuisine that must not be missed. Fresh shrimps and spring onions wrapped in a crystal clear skin, the shrimp dumpling is definitely worth trying.

    For the main seafood dishes, we began with Canadian Jumbo Oyster baked with Cheese and Butter ($6.50 each). Be blown away by the sheer size of the oyster, each easily the size of a giant egg tart. The oyster is extremely fresh and with each mouthful, fresh juices oozed out from the oyster. The accompanying cheese and butter sauce was light, complimenting the oyster well.

    The Sea White Prawns Deep Fried with Butter Cream ($6.50 per 100g) is a hit with the crowds at Ah Yat. Fresh white prawns are deep fried with butter cream and eggs. The butter flakes, a combination of eggs and butter cream, was an interesting supporting cast in this dish giving a subtle hint of sweetness in each bite. The Scottish Bamboo Clams Steamed with Garlic ($8.80 each) is a dish that has freshness written all over it. The bamboo clams, air flown from Scotland, are steamed with garlic, spring onions and soy sauce.

    The highlight of the day arrived when the Rainbow Lobster cooked with Black Pepper and Goose Liver ($13.80 per 100g) was served. This lip-smacking fusion dish has a touch of east meets west. The addition of foie gras gave an extra richness to the sauce and a touch of class to the dish. The rainbow lobster was very fresh, with its succulent flesh giving off unrivalled sweetness in every bite. With that in mind, the chef's black pepper sauce was rather light as he did not want to mask the freshness of the lobster, a splendid move as the dish thrills from the first bite to the last.

  • The Service
    The staff at Ah Yat exudes warmth in their tasks, serving customers with a smile. Plates are changed regularly to ensure that you dine with ease and comfort.

The SD Food Advisor's take on The Book Café
Ah Yat is a renowned restaurant in the culinary fraternity. It certainly lives up to its reputation by serving food of the highest standard. Freshness is the keyword here as all ingredients are truly fresh, enhancing one's enjoyment of each mouthful. Ah Yat is THE place to bring your family and loved ones to dine in for Dim Sum and Seafood.

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