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Borgo: Reminiscences of Italy.
Reviewed by : Viviane Then. Other Foodadvisor Writers?
With Italian restaurants springing up in every corner of Singapore , Italian pastas and pizzas can be had anywhere. Borgo, which opened in June 2006, proves itself different from the rest, offering traditional and rustic homestyle Italian fare straight from North and South Italy .

  • The Vibe
    Borgo sits humbly amongst a neat row of restaurants along Bukit Timah Road , near Sixth Avenue . It beckons with its seductive dark wooden doors, and reveals a dimly lit interior within once you have succumbed to its charms. Lazy afternoons are best spent here, wrapped in its homely embrace.
  • The Food
    Italian chefs Domenica La Mura (nicknamed Mimmo) and Andrea Badiali whip up a fine combination of Northern and Southern Italian dishes, with Chef Mimmo bringing to the table his specialty homemade sausages, and Chef Andrea with his tempting desserts and pizzas.

    Borgo presents an eye-opener with its menu's popular pasta – homemade Gnocchi with Pumpkin Sauce ($24). This dish transcends the usual pasta selection one might find in any Italian restaurants. Known commonly as sweet potato pillow, it features round and fluffy nuggets made of potato and flour, doused in creamy pumpkin sauce and topped with cheese, bacon bits and parmesan shavings. With the already slightly sweet gnocchi and the natural sweetness of pumpkin, the salty bacon bits serve to balance any over-sweetness of dish. Whilst the gnocchi melts in the mouth and transforms into velvet upon touching the tongue, the smooth pumpkin sauce with sticky cheese provides a satisfying round-up to this dish.

    The Ossobuco Della Chef ($32) sets itself apart with tender veal shank cooked in red wine brown sauce and served with creamy cheese risotto rice. The veal, cooked so finely that no knife is required; soaks up the goodness of sour yet sweet red wine tomato sauce. Rissoto rice grains, each finely coated with cream and cheese, blend into a harmonious gastromic explosion of tastes, serving to whet the appetite for more.

    For a more unusual dish, opt for Pappardella with Wild Boar Sauce ($22). Firm pappardella makes pasta delightfully chewy, while finely shredded wild boar meat imported from USA ,mixed with tomato sauce and red wine, dominate the taste-buds with a subtle meaty taste. Fresh tomatoes add a zing to the hearty fare.

    Give in to temptation with the Lava Cake ($9). Flambéed with Grand Marnier liqueur and served warm, the dark, creamy and rich chocolate flows past your tongue and down your throat. The conclusion? Simply fantastic.

  • The Service
    Borgo's service staff have an overall relaxed demeanor. They are always delighted to make recommendations should there be a request for it. Sometimes, even the chefs put down their saucepans and emerge from the kitchen to engage in lively company of their guests.

SD Food Advisor's take on Borgo:
The lack of fine décor matters not in such a cosy restaurant, with rustic Italian fare and hearty welcomes from Chef Mimmo and Andrea. Dining in this Bukit Timah eatery is perfect for a lazy quiet afternoon with great food and intimate surroundings. However, the limited size may pose a problem on weekends; do be prepared to make a reservation should a craving for Italian fare arise by then.

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