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Capricci Italian Restaurant
Cuisine European Food, Restaurant
Address (S)
District Tanjong Pagar
Phone : 62216761 | Email to Capricci Italian Res... SMS Restaurant Address
Capricci: Indulge and dine like royalty!
Reviewed by : Alex Ang. Other Foodadvisor Writers?
Wouldn't it be splendid if your every whim and fancy was taken care of? Here at Capricci, they live by the mantra that every diner should have the autonomy to choose how they like their meal to pan out. Meaning "Caprices" in English, the five-month old restaurant adopts a personal approach in engaging diners by catering to their culinary preferences. Since its inception, director Massimo has been charming clients with his vast knowledge of food and wines. Helming the kitchen is award-winning chef Pietro, who is part of the stellar cast that makes Capricci tick. The food served here follows a country style where the freshest produce finds its way to the dining table. Capricci also boasts a comprehensive wine cellar, cocktail bar and a herb garden at the back of the restaurant. Located along Tanjong Pagar Road, this new entrant has lit up the district's culinary scene.

  • The Vibe
    This classy restaurant was revamped by Massimo with the help of a friend, who is an interior designer. A n avid fan of antiques, Massimo uses them to add a touch of finesse to the décor of the restaurant. The cocoon-like lights and maroon curtains exude a soothing vibe in the dining area. The restaurant has also been sectioned into differently themed areas, where one can take his pick from being seated either in the main hall, within the private confines of the VIP Red Room, at the casual setting of the cocktail bar, or in the cool interior of the glass-walled wine cellar.

  • The Food
    We begin with the complimentary foccacia served piping hot with olive oil and balsamic vinegar. The bread is usually topped with different ingredients and served fresh from the oven. We were served the Affetati misti all'italiana ($26), which is the platter of assorted cold cuts. It consisted of cured hams, salami, buffalo mozzarella cheese and cherry tomatoes. The exquisite cuts lived up to its billing as prized appetizers and the cherry tomatoes provided a welcome contrast to the platter.

    Moving on to the warmer appetizers, we had the Soffiato di parmigiano e spinaci in fonduta di stracchino ($20). Hailing from the north of Italy, this souffle of parmesan and spinach topped with melted stracchino cheese left us asking for more. Immensely soft and creamy, the essence of the spinach permeated throughout the souffle, making it an enjoyable dish. We then transported our palates to the south of Italy as we next savoured the Melanzane alla parmigiana profumate al basilico ($18), a tower of eggplant with mozzarella cheese, basil and tomatoes. The eggplant, cooked to perfection, is of just the right texture. The accompanying sauce was smooth with added fragrance from Capricci's in-house herb, namely, basil, which is grown fresh from the restaurant's garden.

    The pasta at Capricci is freshly made every day and they have a specially imported machine to produce pasta reflective of the standard in Italy. The Tagliolini saporiti alla cernia con zucchini e zafferano ($22) is a narrow flat pasta dish served with grouper, zucchini and creamy saffron sauce. The pasta was also firm to the bite and done al-dente. The saffron sauce coated every strand of the delightful dish and the zucchini gave it a sweet and crunchy bite.

    For the meat lovers, the Costolette di agnello in crosta di pistacchi e crema di limoncello ($40) is a must-try. This main course is a delightful presentation of pistachio crusted lamb cutlets with limoncello cream and served with green salad. The tender lamb cutlets were full of flavour and the pistachio added an interesting twist with its crunch. The limoncello sauce deserves special mention. Made from the lemons from the island of Capri, it is served to enhance the flavours of the dish.

    To bring a sweet ending to the meal, opt for the Lava di cioccolato con gelato ($14). It comprises of lava cake with vanilla ice cream and accompanied by pear simmered in red wine sauce. Our soft and warm lava cake had chocolate oozing out and the vanilla ice cream made this a match in heaven. The pear was an intriguing proposition and pleasant surprise. Another dessert worth a shot is the Profiteroles con Chantilly ($10, puff pastry stuffed with Chantilly custard and in chocolate sauce. The Chantilly custard is made up of whipped cream and egg whites and the well-fluffed and smooth custard makes it a crowd pleaser. Topped with sweet milk chocolate, this dish is a guaranteed hit with those who have a sweet tooth.

  • The Service
    The wait staff is polite and their attention to detail is immaculate. Decked in smart shirts, they exude an image of class and were full of knowledge and ready to advise diners on food choices.

The SD Food Advisor's take on Capricci
Capricci's concept of a country style Italian restaurant is truly one of a kind and the food that is served here is top notch. The chef does not compromise the taste of traditional Italian cuisine and picks the finest produce. That ensures that the most authentic Italian cuisine is served here. I also found myself at home with the stylish design of the restaurant. With your whims and fancies taken care of, one is bound to be naturally drawn to this place.

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