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Cuisine South American Food, Restaurant
Address VivoCity (Map)
1 Harbourfront Walk #01-161 to #01-162
Singapore 098585
District Telok Blangah
Phone : 63769939 | Email to Carnivore SMS Restaurant Address
Carnivore: A Meat Lover’s Paradise
Reviewed by : Vivien Goh. Other Foodadvisor Writers?
Dreaming of that juicy steak? Or craving for that bite of succulent chicken thigh? This restaurant is just the cure for you. Carnivore Vivocity, as its name suggests, seeks to bring out the predator in all of us, as does its predecessor at Chijmes. Located on the first floor of the megamall, the restaurant boasts not only of a spectacular view of the harbour, but a mouth-watering variety of meat and vegetable dishes as well. Especially carnivorous diners with big appetites need not worry about satisfying their hunger, as dining at this waterfront restaurant is buffet-style.

  • The Vibe
    The restaurants logo sports the word “Carnivore” against a backdrop of flames, suggesting to patrons that you are in for a fiery good time indeed. An interior of mahogany shades awaits, the warm colours inviting and friendly. The delectable appetiser buffet greets you as you make your way in, and first-time visitors will be surprised by the way the buffet works: servers striding around the restaurant, brandishing huge skewers of meat in one hand, and a sharp knife in the other. Intimidating perhaps, but a rather interesting twist on the usual buffet styles. Select a table facing the harbour, for the view will truly make your experience all the more special. A four-piece live band plays on weekends, although how it fits into the allocated area is certainly food for thought.
  • The Food
    The spread of meat available is almost jaw-dropping. Ranging from the usual suspects like beef rump, chicken thigh and pork sausages, there are also lesser-known alternatives such as snow fish, pineapple and for the truly adventurous, chicken heart. Do take note that certain items are only available during lunch or dinner. In between lunch and dinner, Carnivore also serves a range of sandwiches that will perk up any hungry shopper.

    First things first; head for the appetiser buffet, which has a spread of vegetables, pasta, and bread. Surprisingly, some of the vegetable dishes have local influences and are quite tasty. The buffet changes daily to cater to picky eaters.

    Once you are seated, friendly waiters ply you with their fare, almost making you feel guilty if you were to reject their offers. Try the delicious beef rump and honey ham, which are tasty and juicy. Nicely marinated and then grilled at optimum temperatures, the beef marinade was light and not too overwhelming or salty, as grilled food can sometimes be. The honey ham is just slightly sweet, adding a nice touch to the usual ham we are all used to. Seafood lovers, do try the Snowfish, which is mouthwateringly fragrant and excellently seasoned. Its taste is unforgettable and it's not surprising if you make a second trip to Carnivore just for this dish.

    A range of desserts is also available for those who just need a dose of sugar to end off their meal. Some memorable ones on the menu are the Milanese-style banana( deep-fried banana smothered with bread crumb) and Passion Fruits Bavarian cream (puree of passion fruit with double cream & egg).

  • The Service
    The friendly staff never ceases to ask you whether you would like yet another serving of beef, and your water glass is promptly filled when reaching empty. The smiling waiters and helpful service are delightful.

The SD Food Advisor's Take on Carnivore
The interesting serving concept is a talking point, and the extensive variety of meats served will bring out the meat eater in you. However, small eaters may not find the buffet as worth it. Also, since the menu differs from lunch to dinner, it is possible that your favourite meat will not be available the next time you visit. It might be wise to phone ahead if you have a craving for something in particular.

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