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En Japanese Dining Bar
Cuisine Japanese Food, Restaurant
Address UE Square (River Wing) (Map)
207 River Valley Road #01-57
Singapore 238275
District Mohammed Sultan
Phone : 67352212 | Email to En Japanese Dining B... SMS Restaurant Address
En Japanese Dining Bar
Reviewed by : Vivien Goh. Other Foodadvisor Writers?
Designed akin to its motto “En”, meaning a circle of gathering for friends, it is no surprise the quaint En Japanese Dining Bar, off Mohd Sultan Road , has a loyal string of followers. Opened five years ago, this charming eatery has since become the talk of the street, being a league of its own.

  • The Vibe
    Al Fresco dining of simple wooden furnishing offers a casual yet delectable dining experience. The interior of the restaurant exudes warmth and intimacy by adopting hues of dark mahogany furniture, giving a cosy and innate feel while pretty japanese lanterns adorning the ceiling walls is reminiscent of the traditional Japanese home. Glass window panes surrounding the restaurant, projects a welcoming spacious interior, seemingly less stifled than the usual small Japanese joints. A long dining table found positioned in the middle of the restaurant is inherent of the typical Japanese joints, a common table where Japanese congregate to dine and chat, which some may find obstructive. Nevertheless, one can opt for the smaller wooden tables, or seat yourself at the sushi bar counter for some fresh sashimi.
  • The Food
    Consider unconventional Japanese food and En Dining Bar leaps to mind. Despite the apparent obscurity of some items on the menu, En Dining Bar manages to win the palates of discerning patrons with their in-house specials. The Wafu Steak($13.50), marinated with a special sauce, is succulent and tender. A staple meal will be the unagi fried rice($12), a scrumptious mélange of eel and egg, served with the rice. It proves to be a fragrant dish but a little too oily for the health-conscious. Accompaniments which go well with shochu and sake will be the teba gyoza($10), essentially stuffed deboned chicken wings deep fried to golden brown and crisp to the first bite; and kawaebi($9) which is deep-fried river shrimp, surprisingly addictive. Tickle your throat with a shot of Hakkaisan sake($9) and lovely bites of the black sesame pudding ($5), light on the palate and not too overpowering.
  • The Service
    The staff is generally helpful when assistance is required. Given the extensive menu, one may seek the staff recommendations on house favourites to satisfy your discerning palates.

The SD Food Advisor's take on En Japanese Dining Bar
A restaurant bar catering to both al fresco and indoor dining crowd, it is no wonder why many are allured to En Japanese Dining Bar for chill-out time with friends and loved ones. The relaxed and cosy ambience can't help but makes one feel nostalgic, and visiting En Japanese Dining Bar is as close to home as one can get, especially so for the Japanese expatriates.

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