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Gunther’s: Dining in Perfect Finesse
Reviewed by : Deyana. Other Foodadvisor Writers?
It's all about fine dining in Gunther's, another acclaimed restaurant springing from the famous Garibaldi Group. Carrying on the group's tradition of sophistication and artistry, Gunther's is uncompromisingly stylish. Led by head chef Gunther Hubreschsen, a celebrity in the culinary world and the muse of the restaurant's name, Gunther's serves modern French cuisine that is creative and experimental. While swanky and sophisticated, the restaurant nonetheless prides itself on providing simple, honest cooking to delight the tastebuds.

  • The Vibe
    The tale of opulence begins at Gunther's exterior on Purvis Street , with a classic entrance of dark brown wood, and a sign offering valet parking services. Step into the reception area, a room of grey plush that gets you prepared for your dining experience. The restaurant proper bears similar grey carpeting, complemented by brown, Italian-made, leather chairs. The décor incorporates Nouveau-Art themes and displays paintings, glass bowls and other exhibits. Dining in Gunther's is indeed akin to dining in a chic museum – even the dim lighting and the spotlights serve to highlight the exclusivity of the place.
  • The Food
    For a start, sample the Salt-baked Beetroot ($28), a salad that comes with grilled mushrooms, confit of egg and cured ham that's fresh-flown from Spain. Topped with classic vinaigrette, the salad is sweet and savoury, presenting a mixture of tastes that complement each other. The soft, semi-solid egg blends well with the salty ham. Yet the dish is refreshing because of the lightly grilled mushrooms and the crispy beetroot.

    One of Gunther's signature starters is the Cold Angel Hair Pasta ($55), one of the Oscietra Caviar specialties. Served elegantly in a large plate, the pasta is presented with a generous helping on caviar on top. With a strong aroma of olive oil, the pasta exudes sweetness and is extremely chilled. Tasting simple, light and fresh, the dish is appetizing.

    For a truly sumptuous main, try the Whole Salt Baked Seabass ($45 per person, serves 2 people). The seabass is completely covered in a thick layer of solid salt crystals and then baked whole. Think the fish is salty? Quite the opposite. The salt serves to retain the fresh flavour of the seabass and does not penetrate the fish at all. Cooked with olive oil and Xeres vinegar, the fish is served on a large silver platter and later sliced for you. You are then presented with a large slice of seabass atop flavoured rice. The highlight of this extravagant dish is the freshness and exquisiteness of the fish; a highly recommended choice!

    Alternatively try the Suckling Pig with Kriek Beer Sauce, a dish that is not on the menu and is subject to availability. Gunther's regulars swear by this dish, which is the French version of what is best known as a typical Chinese dish. Like the Salt Baked Seabass, the Suckling Pig is served on a large platter and later cut. Exuding a subtle aroma of smoked pork and beer sauce, the pork is served with sweet apples that adds yet more flavour to the dish. The pork is sweet and juicy, and its crispy skin is absolutely delightful, with an aftertaste that lingers sensuously on your tongue.

    End your meal with the Home-baked Mille-Feuille ($18), with is filled with seasonal flavours such as chocolate, basil and oranges. With thin, crispy and sweet crusts, the mille feuille combines different textures – flakiness in the pastry, smoothness of the melted chocolate and juiciness of the oranges. The taste, too, features sweetness and sourness of chocolate and fruit respectively, while the bits of basil provides stark sharpness and contrast to the rest of the filling.

  • The Service
    Service here is exemplary. The wait staff are aesthetically presentable, donned in classy grey suits with vests. From providing the complimentary bread to filling water, they are prompt but not hurriedly so. The best part is, each staff explains each dish as he presents it to you, making you more aware of what you are eating!

The SD Food Advisor's take on Gunther's
Very good but slightly on the pricey side, Gunther's is an excellent place to spend a special occasion, particularly a romantic one. There are, truly, very few restaurants that are so detailed and meticulous is ensuring finesse. From the ambience to the food, such the attitude of perfectionism is bound to satisfy every the most discerning diner.

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